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  1. Yep - get the belt replaced ASAP. but please talk to a mechanic who actually realises the F4RT has a belt ! Cheers Justin
  2. Very nice. For me 8:08 was the perfect spec. You'll do well to get rid of the RE003's - mine had them when I picked it up - replaced with Asy5's. Check your floor mats to make sure they're not catching or out of position causing the pedal issue. Pearl white was my second choice for an 8:08 after LY.... 😉 Cheers Justin
  3. My 8:08 Trophy is my 'daily' (what a lame way of naming your only car). Astra VXR is for people who don't care about driving, let alone going around corners. Parts ? who needs parts. We did this before - go to Supercheap for your engine oil - what other parts do you need ? Focus will cost you a bomb in smoked tyres without the (expensive) mechanical LSD of the Megane. I've had 2 RS Megane's, and will trade to an RS300 when prices are right. No other car does it like a Megane. Cheers Justin
  4. Headlights don't interchange, and the bi-xexons are self leveling anyway (by law), which means you wouldn't have the sensors and computer in place. You would expect that a car like a RS Megane has been tracked. My model is an '8:08' - it's sold based on the fact that it did 8mins 8 secs around the Nurburgring in Germany. These cars are built to take to the track. Be scared of someone who has just driven the car to the train station, not someone who took it to the track to try it out. But yes - I see where you're coming from - I would be scared of an MPS on the track as well ! Cheers
  5. Similar to me. I'm in Sydney but bought my 8:08 from Melbourne with 39,000Km's on it. Flew down to Melbourne, paid for it, and drove it back to Sydney. I was after bi-xenons, leather recaro's and it had to be LY ! Yes I prefer the facelift, but you can't get that spec in facelift. You need to remember that the doors on this model are big - and heavy. I would say that door handle breakages are happening with owners who are a little impatient when closing the door and reef on the handle too quickly. Take your time and you (probably) won't have an issue. It's worth waiting for the 'righ
  6. Firm ride is a negative ? Most RS Megane buyers will see that as a positive. Does the Premium come with the Cup suspension ? Parts ? Engine oil you can get from Supercheap. Tyres from any tyre shop. My car has needed new spark plugs once every 60K km's - oh and those came via eBay to my door. Air filter ? - eBay as well. Oil filter ? My local EAI stocks those. My car hasn't needed anything else. Buy and enjoy driving ! Cheers Justin
  7. Yes of course - I'm forced to use it. After I carefully insert the key into the lid and avoid them banging the body work and damaging it.....urgh. No Thanks. No need for any of that rubbish with the Megane - much smarter ! Cheers Justin
  8. Sunset is the BEST time to take pics ! Fuel cap is very smart - no stupid caps to lose, no stupid remote releases to worry about - if you have the key on you it's unlocked basically. I really hate cars with caps you have to unlock and store somewhere (like our other French brand). Cheers Justin
  9. Very close to my spec as well - I was also looking for quite a while to get a 265 Trophy, Steevs, Leather Sportster CS's, Bi-Xenon's wrapped in LY, but it's worthwhile holding out for the spec you want. Congrats ! Justin
  10. It's also possible you're going off the racing line more than others and picking up more 'marbles' that others aren't running over. Cheers Justin
  11. I'm in Sydney - bought my 8:08 second hand from the seller in Melbourne. Flew down, picked it up and drove it up to Sydney, got a blue slip, handed the Vic plates in to the NSW registry, paid my NSW rego and got my NSW plates, and drove off again. Sold my R26 to a guy in Queensland. Sold my GTi6 to a guy in Canberra. If you want a car other than a white Corolla I find you need to travel to buy it anyway. It all becomes pretty straight forward after a while. Just make sure you have clear title. Cheers Justin
  12. Looks like Iron Blue is the deepest blue, then Albi-Blue - then Alpine Blue. Would that be a fair assessment ? [/IMG] All good strong shades. Cheers Justin
  13. They certainly look great in Iron Blue - never seen one in Malta Blue. Saw a dealer RS280 the other day - first RS4 I've seen as well. Good to see a few of the new ones on the road Cheers Justin
  14. Yep - over here..... http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/17679-renaultsport-megane-265-trophy-808-le-register/?do=findComment&comment=618859 Cheers Justin
  15. 3 reasons I went for a 2012 8:08. 1/ Standard leather Recaro's 2/ Standard directional Bi-Xenon HID's 3/ First model reintroduced with Liquid Yellow paint after the R26 in 2008. Earlier 250's had the non-metallic Sport Yellow which just doesn't have the pop of LY. I didn't need the satnav, but I have to say I prefer the look of the 2014 facelift. You can't have everything ! RB8 Dusk Blue also looks fantastic in the flesh. I had thought the 'Limited Edition' (Pacific Blue) was the only model without the Cup chassis and LSD ?? https://www.caradvice.com.au/272988/ren
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