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New Clio 200 owner


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Hi all, have been on here for a few months since purchasing my last car, a Clio 197, which I purchased as a stop gap until I found the right Clio 200 or Megane 250/265 (not easy these days). While I certainly enjoyed the 197 but never really loved it and found myself was always wanting a 200 or a Megane. 

I found this Clio 200 for sale in Queensland, looked like a great example, instantly put a deposit on it unseen and just received it yesterday. It's a White Clio Gordini, 56,000kms, akrapovic exhaust, OZ racing wheels, new tyres and just had a major service. It drives like new car and I'm now so happy to have sold the 197 and made the upgrade. Keen to attend some drives/ track days when they come up to get the best out of it! Will take some decent pics soon, but these are all I have for now. 

Also it doesn't have the Gordini stripes, if anyone knows where I can source these from please let me know, would be much appreciated.







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3 hours ago, dn2blue said:

Looks amazing mate!

Notice much difference in the drive compared to the 197?

Have noticed a big difference, but it's hard to tell if it's the model update or because it is a much nicer example  with lower kms, akra, etc. Engine feels more responsive, but still needs high revs to really come alive

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On 10/12/2021 at 5:02 PM, tfdpny said:

Nice one. Great mechanical spec although you'll miss the Recaros. 

Id say don't bother about the stripes, always thougt they looked a bit gash. 

Haha, yeah not for everyone. I'm not in a hurry to get them but would like it to stand out, especially as white Gordini's are rare. Would have loved the leather recaros but happy to have the leather seats and quite like the interior colour scheme, makes the car feel special

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Took this for a spin yesterday with @PBerm - great purchase! It's in beautiful condition, sounds great and looks great on the Oz Alleggeritas. Love it!

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Try https://www.jestercreation.fr/ for the stripes. I’m sure they can create them if they don’t have them stock. Some form of FRB striping might look good 🤷‍♂️

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