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  1. Good to see another Clio 3 around here!
  2. I agree, a clio 3 is a much nicer place to be!
  3. Check the gearbox for crunching in gears while driving, also check the steering for clunks. The steering rack can usually be fixed with a new bushing but the gearbox would be an expensive fix. Other than that it seems this one has had the major stuff done to it already. I'm not a fan of that gearknob but that can easily be changed.
  4. Do those mechanics actually know anything about Euro cars? There are tons of RS cars around here going strong year after year, quite a lot of which also see track time without any issues!
  5. Are you talking to me? Just a note, the user name is circled in red: The "Régulier" just means regular in French i.e. a regular on the forum! I'm hopefully doing some brake work on my car this weekend, always happy to help out other members too!
  6. Good luck finding rims with a lip! I'm not far from Mac Park, hopefully I see this thing around sometime! 😎
  7. Welcome and lovely car! These wheels will fit: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/moorabbin/wheels-tyres-rims/renault-rs-clio-wheels-tyres/1218756593 If you're wanting aftermarket then OZracing Ultraleggera are popular as are EVOCorse SaremoCorse
  8. dn2blue

    Clio 197 convert

    I know of a member using a lithium battery on his daily 197 with no issues. Tiny compared to the stock one! That car also has the V6 airbox upgrade though to give space to mount the battery where the stock airbox is.
  9. If you are going to bother getting the upgraded synchros then may as well splash for an LSD as well 😋 Overtaking is fine but just make sure to drop down a gear or two! It would be interesting to see if the megane gearbox can be fitted, on the otherhand an R26 engine/gearbox combo is a direct fit 🤔
  10. In that case there is no way they are the same! 😂 Clio 3 box is a TL4 if that helps anyone.
  11. The Clio 3 requires a little thought when attacking some twisties since it lacks torque especially down low, it can't for example be punched out of a corner easily especially uphill! Keep it above 5k rpm however, hook it into some corners and wow! Cruising is completely fine in my opinion, even though I've got the hardcore engine mounts, Recaros and lowered springs. This is probably more of a personal thing though. As for the synchros, in my case with 120K kms there is no crunching at all, seems luck of the draw with this. The fix for it is to have the steel synchro rings fitted but that is probably about a $3K job mostly because of labour costs. I've never driven a Meg 3 (probably because I'll want one too much 😂) but I can honestly say that I prefer the Clio 3 to my old Focus ST for spirited driving. Depends on what you like, some like NA screamers others like turbo torque, take your pick.
  12. dn2blue

    Clio 197 convert

    Welcome! And great choice of car
  13. dn2blue

    New to Renault

    I wish mine was that shiny! Should be a belter on the track, enjoy.
  14. Nice car! I've done the E-J on the bike a few times and I can confirm it is amazing! Mount Buffalo is also a good one!
  15. Replaced these with PowerFlex ones: Was a massive mission to do this without removing the subframe from the car! It might have helped to drop it down a bit without removing completely but I didn't do that. Still I managed eventually and all is good. Also put some attention into the rear end with these: Car handles nicely now! Rear swaybar made a huge difference to the handling, hooks in harder and car stays flatter through the corners. Best mod done so far! Next up I'll be replacing the gearbox oil and spark plugs, also will attempt to figure out where the oil is leaking from.
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