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  1. Don't go the focus ST, that will just be another failed attempt. In comparison, a nice interior and seats (if you can get past the 100 buttons on the dash) but won't come close to the handling of the Meg 3.
  2. Rear wheel bearings flogging out is another very common issue. Rear rotors are usually expensive since the bearing is pressed inside the brake rotor. It can be done much more economically as mentioned above.
  3. Nice car! This must be an early phase 2 172. My old one was the same with no esp and speedo drive off the gearbox.
  4. Very nice looking car. Check the front ball joints and steering tie rods. Both are known to flog out. Possibly brake rotors but that is usually felt under braking. Are you sure the wheels and tyres are balanced correctly?
  5. As above, gearbox is probably the most common and expensive thing to fix. Next is check when the timing belts were replaced as that is also pricey to replace. Most other things are minor and easily fixed.
  6. If you're tall then you will definitely want the lowered set base (if recaro), it makes a world of difference. These cars are getting on a bit and some will require parts, but IMO once you do the car will last quite a while and be very enjoyable! My experience my be a little different to some others but I have found the car quite reliable and not super expensive to fix but that may be because I like to do most work myself. Two biggest things for these cars (any 197 or 200): 1. Timing belt change. If this hasn't been done within 4-5 years or 100K kms then budget 1000-1200 for rep
  7. No, the 2014 Meg RS brembos are not the same as the 2008 Meg RS brembos. Not sure there is a difference between the R26 and normal RS brembos but I don't think so. What those differences are besides looking different I'm not sure. As said above, the 2008 Meg RS brembos are the same as the Clio 3 RS brembos, maybe you could find a pair of those.
  8. Love it! Wheels look good also
  9. I could be mistaken here but think the limited edition Meg 3's were all blue and were the only ones not to have an LSD. Considering your desire for an LSD hopefully yours isn't one of these! Still a nice car regardless!
  10. Hi @trishy best colour for a Meg 4 right there 😎
  11. Good to see another Clio 3 around here!
  12. I agree, a clio 3 is a much nicer place to be!
  13. Check the gearbox for crunching in gears while driving, also check the steering for clunks. The steering rack can usually be fixed with a new bushing but the gearbox would be an expensive fix. Other than that it seems this one has had the major stuff done to it already. I'm not a fan of that gearknob but that can easily be changed.
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