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  1. Wouldn't exactly says it's an upgrade - kia picanto
  2. She bought it new from Peter Warren Renault back in 2010/2011. I know because she was looking for a new car following a lacklustre experience with a Peugot 207gt so I suggested the Renault.
  3. Cheers, all the positive feedback is reassuring me it's a good purchase.
  4. Yep, the black one. Money hasn't changed hands yet but 14k was the asking price, which when I heard thought sounded good. Car had the roof and back resprayed a year or so ago, so it looks much better than it had. Cool, well looks like I'm buying a car!
  5. Hi, I'm just curious what the current market is like for a low millage 2010 mk3 Clio rs200 cup trophee? I have the opportunity to purchase a low millage example, which has been owned by the same owner since new. We're just not sure what is a fair price - it's from an immediate family member so we want it to be a reasonable price from both sides.. Some details; Approx. 56k on the clock. Includes all the trophee features including recaro bucket seats etc. One previous mature female owner, who had owned it from new. Gear box has none of the tell take syncro issues
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