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  1. I guess it depends on backloads etc. Yes, I’ve used Couriers Please in the past, too...although I thought they and e-go were one and the same company (might be very wrong!)
  2. I’ve used e-go for wheels and tyres shipped Brisbane-Canberra, Canberra-Melb, and Canberra-Adelaide. Use their depot-to-depot option, and I’d suggest packing and strapping them on a pallet, given there’s likely to be a few trans-shipments
  3. Depends at which point you need to be doing 50km/h. If it is across the line, would it not be best to be accelerating in 1st changing into 2nd?
  4. Not much to be gained in tuning the Clio 3 — just saying before you spend too much. Maybe 4-5 KwATW...but you can smooth things a bit.
  5. Alas, valves will bend, inter alia [emoji22]
  6. @MickHarris, welcome! Where are you located? There are some good specialist garages around
  7. It’s no problem Crikey, sometimes service centres can’t get you in for a month!!
  8. This one: FS (SYD) 2015 Pearl White Renault Megane RS265 Cup Premium - Rego 'til 2020, PRICE DROP https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=5329&share_tid=31824&url=http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/index.php?/topic/31824-FS-%28SYD%29-2015-Pearl-White-Renault-Megane-RS265-Cup-Premium---Rego-%27til-2020%2C-PRICE-DROP&share_type=t
  9. You’d be better off if buying one from a member here — even if it’s interstate. There’s a lovely white 265 in Sydney, full history, treated with mechanical sympathy. Check the classifieds posts
  10. Looks a beauty — welcome aboard, and that garage suggests additional motoring interests!
  11. My 182 is close to 190,000km and is solid as a rock. Has a virtually perfect service record as well, and is still on the original clutch (which has plenty of bite, too). Well cared for by its previous two owners. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a high mileage 1x2, provided it has a decent service history and has been looked after — indeed, worth paying a bit more for that service history.
  12. Also, tapatalk notifications seem to have stopped for me, for this forum only
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