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  1. ttimbo

    Decision time...

    Meg 3...250-265-275 depending on budget A low km 275 Trophy should be $25-30k...great to drive on the road; fun and quick on the track
  2. Try http://www.jestercreation.fr/?fbclid=IwAR3LYjcznxqdi_zX2GGGBYh9I_wotOxuIaaVpi8A_BhC8KWLFbrI9N-MiQc He has a FB page. If you use Google Chrome, you can translate the website. Good to deal with
  3. A few years ago, with a Golf that said it needed 95 or 98, I ran a fairly extensive test of both. Will see if I can find the data, but the difference was discernible and measurable in terms of fuel economy (car used about 1.5-2L/100k more on 95), and through the world famous butt dyno - car just felt lethargic on 95, and lively on 98, in comparison.
  4. Mobil sourced , same as Costco
  5. Just a note on this. I’m very skeptical there is much, if any, difference between fuels in Australia. As you will have seen or read in the news, Australia has a very high dependence on imported refined fuels and a corresponding low fuel reserve (c.23 days). These are (correctly) regarded by the fuel companies operating in Australia as a commodity, and thus purchased (against a spec) based on price. Yes, once here, they may include some additives, but there is no guarantee the Shell, BP, Mobil, Caltex.... 98 you buy today is from the same refinery source as last month. A bigger issue is the lower quality specifications for our fuels, which can especially affect European motors tuned for higher quality fuels. It’s all a bit of a scandal, really — another fundamental failure in Australia’s energy policy....but I will stop the rant right there.
  6. ttimbo

    New to forum

    Ownership of a Trophy-R entitles one to quite astounding changes of mind🤯 😉😂
  7. The Pug’s seating/steering/instruments are certainly polarising. However, I’m 1.78m (“average”, I’m told) and once you figure out how it is all supposed to work, you can set up a position that is really comforable (and much easier to enter/exit than the T-R [emoji23]) To me, the Pug is more “nimble” than the Meg because of lighter weight but doesn’t handle as well at the limit
  8. Congrats! ....but the ad...the advert....says it’s RWD! [emoji33][emoji33]
  9. Yes, I recommend Dean at European Garage. I’m sure he’s as good as you’ll find locally
  10. I guess it depends on backloads etc. Yes, I’ve used Couriers Please in the past, too...although I thought they and e-go were one and the same company (might be very wrong!)
  11. I’ve used e-go for wheels and tyres shipped Brisbane-Canberra, Canberra-Melb, and Canberra-Adelaide. Use their depot-to-depot option, and I’d suggest packing and strapping them on a pallet, given there’s likely to be a few trans-shipments
  12. Depends at which point you need to be doing 50km/h. If it is across the line, would it not be best to be accelerating in 1st changing into 2nd?
  13. Alas, valves will bend, inter alia [emoji22]
  14. @MickHarris, welcome! Where are you located? There are some good specialist garages around
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