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    PW Pug 308 GTi 270 (‘cos I like ‘em)
    UR Pug 308 GTi 270 (SOLD)
    FRB 182 (SOLD)
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  1. Why, oh why...is there no love for the Pugs? A 208 GTi, if you’re on a budget...and one of the 30th anniversary editions or last run-outs in 2018, cos LSD But better than the 208 is the 308 GTi 270 — 200kW, LSD, 1,200kg — everything and bit more that the Clio IV should have been...because manual transmission. But, if you’re Camry inclined (like @Matt205) then the world is your ...er...(bad) oyster 😳
  2. ttimbo

    What a car!

    Always important to check AFRs on these off-the-shelf tunes, IMO — and other parameters!
  3. ttimbo

    What a car!

    FB is an online community for people with friends!
  4. ttimbo

    What a car!

    As others have said: good tyres (and you have lots of choice with 18” wheels), refresh the brakes (pads if needed, maybe rotors) with a full fluid flush and bleed
  5. Yes, this is just a tactic to get you to p!ss off. What is the full cost for remediation of the damage? Set up a statement of claim with whatever consumer tribunal handles this stuff in your state, send them a copy before you lodge. Generally, but not always, they’ll pay up to avoid the hassle.
  6. Thanks mate — no PM — what a nice looking RCZ-R! But when I showed it to SWMBO, she gave it the thumbs down
  7. ttimbo


    Not working with the latest version of TapaTalk (8.8.9) on ios 14.0.1 🤷‍♂️
  8. Try ...er....cough...the KY solution....water-based personal lubricant [emoji15] This is one of the special “features” of French car ownership [emoji106][emoji6]
  9. ...of course, as a “boss”, the resulting fine and defect will present no problem at all [emoji849]
  10. Welcome and well done! Both good cars (the 200 will be, with some TLC) When I saw the price drop on Gareth’s 200, I was about to relapse, so thankfully you’ve kept me in remission. Beware the addiction, though [emoji23]
  11. Keep the Saab — after all that work and TLC, you’ll quickly regret selling it. Keep an eye out for a good 172, preferably from someone on here. Oh, and the Clio 3 linked by@apple3337 is a bit of a dog...in very many senses [emoji3064]
  12. Talking to people, it seems the write-off decision is done on the numbers: the difference between the car’s insured value and its salvage value. So, if a car has a high insured value (might be the case for a near-new Alfa) it may still have a low salvage value (unfortunately, also likely the case with a near-new Alfa; if the market depreciates them heavily, so do the scrappies). That means, hypothetically, a repairer might be given, say, $30k to use for repairs...which I’m sure he’ll say he can do [emoji22]
  13. Oh! [emoji33] You do need help!! Good thing you’ve joined OzRS You’ve started by admitting you have a problem Next, sell some of those Alfa’s and buy a couple of Clios Better than a Bex and a good lie down! [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. You’ve owned an Alfa, with everything that entails, so you’re clearly a car nut, and most welcome here. Just don’t dwell on the Alfa too much [emoji15][emoji33][emoji23]
  15. Great story — one of perseverance, more than anything. I hope the treatment enables you to have more and more freedom. Meanwhile, seize the day!
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