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  1. ttimbo

    Megane RS Trophy EDC

    Try ...er....cough...the KY solution....water-based personal lubricant [emoji15] This is one of the special “features” of French car ownership [emoji106][emoji6]
  2. ...of course, as a “boss”, the resulting fine and defect will present no problem at all [emoji849]
  3. Keep the Saab — after all that work and TLC, you’ll quickly regret selling it. Keep an eye out for a good 172, preferably from someone on here. Oh, and the Clio 3 linked by@apple3337 is a bit of a dog...in very many senses [emoji3064]
  4. ttimbo

    Unlikely Choice?

    Talking to people, it seems the write-off decision is done on the numbers: the difference between the car’s insured value and its salvage value. So, if a car has a high insured value (might be the case for a near-new Alfa) it may still have a low salvage value (unfortunately, also likely the case with a near-new Alfa; if the market depreciates them heavily, so do the scrappies). That means, hypothetically, a repairer might be given, say, $30k to use for repairs...which I’m sure he’ll say he can do [emoji22]
  5. ttimbo

    Unlikely Choice?

    Oh! [emoji33] You do need help!! Good thing you’ve joined OzRS You’ve started by admitting you have a problem Next, sell some of those Alfa’s and buy a couple of Clios Better than a Bex and a good lie down! [emoji23][emoji23]
  6. ttimbo

    Unlikely Choice?

    You’ve owned an Alfa, with everything that entails, so you’re clearly a car nut, and most welcome here. Just don’t dwell on the Alfa too much [emoji15][emoji33][emoji23]
  7. Great story — one of perseverance, more than anything. I hope the treatment enables you to have more and more freedom. Meanwhile, seize the day!
  8. ttimbo

    Must be yellow

    This forum is NOT a strip club. Full frontal, or ban!!
  9. I recall it all now — thought you were going to buy it??!! So, I’m guessing you didn’t do an inspection? (You have a PM [emoji6])
  10. I reckon the owner deserves to be offended, given the description of how it has been left/abused/etc. I drove past this car at least 6mths ago. That it hasn’t sold since suggests there’s very, very good reasons to low-ball
  11. Offer $5k — it’d make a great daily/beater/tracker
  12. Is that one STILL for sale? Please, save me someone! Buy it before I do.
  13. Just to clarify, 95 is “OK” — what Renault is saying is that 95 is the minimum octane rating fuel you should use in your RS, not that is “the recommended” or “the best”, just that it is the minimum. Whether you use “the minimum” recommended octane rating in your car is entirely a matter for you and the way you use your car. Equally, you can choose to use a higher octane rating fuel (98 in Australia) in your RS because the car is tuned to yield the higher power and lower pollution such fuel enables — hence, this use might be described as “more efficient”. Talk to any reputable tuner, and they will confirm more power is produced by an RS on 98 octane fuel; if you are not interested in pure power, remember this can equally be reflected through great efficiency as better fuel economy. A separate issue, as this thread discussed at the beginning, is the quality of Australian fuels, and whether there is much, if any, difference between brands. The ‘detuning’ of certain Euro cars’ outputs due to the stated reason of Australia’s poor fuel quality might also give RS owners cause to consider whether 95 might actually be adequate to meet “the minimum” fuel octane for Renault’s performance-oriented RS engines. For all the above reasons, I use 98 as an exercise of both educated judgement and free choice!
  14. cough! Data to support claims/anecdotes, please
  15. About 15% more consumption, too, I’d guess
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