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  1. Sad to hear this, but at least you’re (mostly) OK. As others have said, if you have the time, patience and some storage, parting out is the way to go
  2. Yes, indeed, and not much point chewing over the virtues/vices of a Focus ST here (or anywhere — is there a real enthusiasts’ forum for them?) without having driven one. I just can’t recall hearing reading of anyone being in paroxysms of ecstacy after having driven one, Whereas, with the Megane, once you know, you know!
  3. Good in theory, disappointing in practice. Too heavy, with none of the attention to front suspension geometry of the Megane
  4. I've had this before. If you remain interested in it. simply say you can't pay that much but if the dealer arrangement falls through, you're interested. No need to insult him, and if he comes back to you, you'll know immediately he was ...ermm...bullsh!tting!
  5. Why can’t we all get along? 😪 As everyone know, if you can’t decide about Meg 3s….the sensible thing always is to buy a Pug 308 GTi 270 /thread close
  6. Why, oh why...is there no love for the Pugs? A 208 GTi, if you’re on a budget...and one of the 30th anniversary editions or last run-outs in 2018, cos LSD But better than the 208 is the 308 GTi 270 — 200kW, LSD, 1,200kg — everything and bit more that the Clio IV should have been...because manual transmission. But, if you’re Camry inclined (like @Matt205) then the world is your ...er...(bad) oyster 😳
  7. ttimbo

    What a car!

    Always important to check AFRs on these off-the-shelf tunes, IMO — and other parameters!
  8. ttimbo

    What a car!

    FB is an online community for people with friends!
  9. ttimbo

    What a car!

    As others have said: good tyres (and you have lots of choice with 18” wheels), refresh the brakes (pads if needed, maybe rotors) with a full fluid flush and bleed
  10. Yes, this is just a tactic to get you to p!ss off. What is the full cost for remediation of the damage? Set up a statement of claim with whatever consumer tribunal handles this stuff in your state, send them a copy before you lodge. Generally, but not always, they’ll pay up to avoid the hassle.
  11. Thanks mate — no PM — what a nice looking RCZ-R! But when I showed it to SWMBO, she gave it the thumbs down
  12. ttimbo


    Not working with the latest version of TapaTalk (8.8.9) on ios 14.0.1 🤷‍♂️
  13. Try ...er....cough...the KY solution....water-based personal lubricant [emoji15] This is one of the special “features” of French car ownership [emoji106][emoji6]
  14. ...of course, as a “boss”, the resulting fine and defect will present no problem at all [emoji849]
  15. Welcome and well done! Both good cars (the 200 will be, with some TLC) When I saw the price drop on Gareth’s 200, I was about to relapse, so thankfully you’ve kept me in remission. Beware the addiction, though [emoji23]
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