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Hello guys


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My Renault plans include:

1. A daily driver - tossing up Megane / Volvo C30 (Focus ST underneath!) / WRX

2. A dauphine race car with either a 2000cc NA or a 1200cc turbo (classed as 2000cc) to run in IPRA. They are super light and I recon I can make a decent race car out of one. VW sand rail/drag guys have decent transmission and swing axle  options  - if anyone knows of a decent shell please  let me know.




I ran out of space with the list.. so here's some pics and descriptions

1926 Supercharged Austin 7 - This has been in the family around 45 years, dad bought it as a father and son  project - me and my brother helped him restore it as kids. I stopped him from selling it a few years ago and had it rebuilt mechanically (it is all new inside and underneath) but left the patina.



1928 Ford A model special with a Miller-Schofield's OHV conversion. Dad's mate used to lend it to him to race before the A7 was finished. I found it at auction and bought it in 2013 and now lend it back to Dad's mate to race

Photo on the left from when we were kids.



1955 Sharp Holden special. Grey motor - MGTC box. Fastest non-repco headed grey motor in OZ, Does similar lap times around Phillip Island as group N Mustangs and GT falcons.




1958 Porsche 356 with a custom chassis, 997 suspension and brakes and a 4.2 Audi S5 V8 mid-mounted. I am building this now.




1960 Chev Nomad - 283 with a 4 speed auto, airbags, corvette brakes, vintage air - drives very nicely with the 4 speed and decent brakes. The kids love being driven to school in this.





1962 Brabham BT2 Formula Junior - this is the factory works car.





1969 Elfin 300 built as a lightweight car to take on the V8s of the day. Was 2nd place in the 1970 OZ Sportscar Championship. 195hp dry sumped Lotus Twin can and weighs 480kg. Dragged out of a country shed - had been laid up for 40 odd years - Under restoration now





1972 Escort MK1 with a Duratec - apparently 210hp at the wheels - bought recently and not driven yet.




1974 Lotus 7 Twin Cam - group S race car, upsets some fancy cars. 600kg with a 180hp Lotus twin cam



1988 Carrera C4.



19?? Caterham with a supercharged Yamaha R1 - 200hp at the wheels and 380kg!!





1999 C2 - bought this for AUD17k when living in Hong Kong - on its way here soon.




02 A model (4).jpg

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That's some collection you got there!

As for which Renault to buy. I suggest test driving them all and pick the one that grabs you.

So Clio MK2, Clio MK3, Clio MK4, Megane MK2, Megane MK3, Megane MK4.

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On 22/11/2021 at 2:58 PM, slick said:

Interested to know who built the Grey in the Sharp Holden Special ..............

Denis Cooper - he is in Hobart.

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