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  1. Try changing the gearbox oil, I just recently changed mine, gear shift feels better especially during the first 5 mins in the morning (I left for work at 5am, and it has been around 8-11 C lately at that time)
  2. Ambrose

    Newbie Hello

    Woo ~ Nice! Thanks for mentioning the Renault Round Up event, I have absolutely no idea (even I live just 10 mins away...) Look forward to the event.
  3. Half a year after I received the sticker............I finally found it in my garage ............LOL Wave if you see me (Eastern suburb VIC) Thanks admin for organizing the sticker.
  4. Ambrose

    Newbie Hello

    Out of curiosity ............ where will you get your car service?
  5. Congrat ! Get professional ceramic coated, best option for black car. As for JEEP...... oh well, the name tells the story itself. (No offence, love their look, but everything else, hah.)
  6. Do you mind telling us how you manage to save 8K from the original possible price? Thats huge !
  7. You have a ultra clean car...............How the hell did it manage to stay clean in such dusty road LOL
  8. Ambrose

    New R.S. 265 owner

    Great! congrat! See if I will spot you guys one day.
  9. Used to have one in my Corsa C, only difference is rev easier at the top end. 2 years on, I moved back to paper base, only because I rarely have the time to properly clean the K&N.
  10. LOL, I was wondering who's mum you are talking about
  11. ????? Owner and son always been helpful to me. May be they are busy moving.
  12. Alpine affair also has a good reputation, but I have no idea where it is in Melbourne. I service mine at Alpine Affair, good service. They used to be at Ringwood, but soon will move to Bayswater. Just search them on facebook
  13. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your car was on my hit list a few weeks ago (I base in Melbourne), got to be one of the best value RS on the market lately, only trouble for me is my wife won't let me travel interstate to buy a car. Very nice looking red. P.S. be sure to wax it well, Australia sun is famous on destorying red paint , happened to my last car.
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