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  1. Also, FYI, I paid $1700 for a timing belt + accessories belt change (waterpump in good shape at 60000KM, so still keeping the original), plus a major service (the usual plus all other filter and spark plugs).
  2. Paid $35 for my last pair, heard nothing but good things about nighteye/Novsight, just brought another set (with Ebay promotional code for $27) and about to install them this Friday.
  3. I am in Melbourne, we have a few well known mechanics here, I always go to Alpine Affiars, which is highly recommended by others as well.
  4. Congrat ! I brought my RS265 (2015) last year, instantly booked she in for a major service plus the timing belt done, just for the peace of mind. Cost me 1700 in total, no complain. As for the headlight, got to upgrade it to a LED set, otherwise the standard halogen is really bad.......
  5. GM is good at one thing, and one thing only, killing good brands.............. as a previous owner of Opel, I am glad they got brought by PSA.
  6. Pre-face lift : I love their Xenon headlight (if equiped) Face lift: the RS monitor is fun to muck around.
  7. Depends on how cheap you refering XD. I got this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H7-LED-Conversion-Car-Headlight-Bulb-9000LM-Conversion-Globes-Bulb-6000K-Hi-Low/392587072169?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Works for me.
  8. Grab yourself a cheap pair of LED from ebay, or even better get someone install a HID, at least 300% better than standard Halogen.
  9. Never been in a pole position, so I can't comment on that. But between my old lowmax and the CS, I actually prefer the low max in terms of getting in and out, may be I got used to the super low position and having my right hand to assist, pushing or lowing myself in and out of it. Where the CS I found it either hard to use my right hand to assist getting in and out yet my bum still getting caught on it all the time.
  10. I never came across anyone saying a bigger tyre for the 19 yet, so I can opt for say... 245/35 R19 without issue?
  11. Try google a Bride Low max....... and imagine I have been in that for 8 years then move to the Recaro CS. I am not saying its not good, it makes more sense for everyday driving (but I already get use to getting in and out of the low max), but in terms of body hugging capability, I certainly prefer the low max, as I don't need to use my knee to hold my lower body. And yes, I am of a bigger build, so itf you are small, I am sure you won't find it as an issue. I don't mind the 19" too , which I have, but I drive pass Toorak road daily and some of the non stop bumps there are annoying.
  12. Unless you really like the look of 19" steeve wheel........... which I am and brought one with......... I would suggest the 18" wheel because : 1) Australia road sucks (I mean really sucks) sometime, 18" thicker side wall makes it a bit more comfortable 2) Tyres are much cheaper (much more common tyre size share with other cars) Also, don't be too obsessed with Recaro CS, they aren't true bucket seat, especially the leather one, it doesn't hold you that well (compare to my previous Bride Lowmax .....) By your 2013/2014 I believe you arfe looking at a pre-facelift version, try finding one iwth factory xenon light, they are brilliant. My facelift headlight sucks even with LED aftermarket light installed (even my wife corolla with standard halogen light beats my Megane.........sucks)
  13. Ambrose

    Newbie Hello

    Woo ~ Nice! Thanks for mentioning the Renault Round Up event, I have absolutely no idea (even I live just 10 mins away...) Look forward to the event.
  14. Half a year after I received the sticker............I finally found it in my garage ............LOL Wave if you see me (Eastern suburb VIC) Thanks admin for organizing the sticker.
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