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  1. That is a bargain! Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
  2. As pointed out above, belts are important. Other than that they are pretty cheap to maintain, there are a few specialists (can't recall where you are...) and don't have any real vices. Sent from my CPH1607 using Tapatalk
  3. It really depends on what you are going to do with the car, if you are going to use it on the track a Lot, then ITBs may make sense, otherwise they are a lot of expense for not a massive gain. Most 1x2s are getting a little tired but there are some great 200s around. Having had both, they are great cars but quote different - the 1x2 is more raw and fun but the 200 is maybe even better in the chassis dept though the extra weight does hurt it and they are pretty stiff for daily use. For a bit of noise, an intake makes more sense than exhaust and is a lot cheaper. Sent from my CPH1607 using
  4. Welcome and there is plenty to do - looks like you will be based in Melbourne so Philip Island would be #1 but track days there are often quite expensive and you would want to do one earlier as the weather there can be challenging, There are a few other tracks in Victoria (Winton, Sandown, Haunted Hills) and only a few hours from Melbourne, anything else (SMSP, Wakefield etc.) will be a decent drive. If you pick up a Renault, you may find the prices of some cars here higher than you might expect and moving one on when you leave isn't always a fast process unless it is priced very well.
  5. How/where does it attach ? In the Clio iii I added some eye bolts but can't see where to do something similar in the meg.
  6. Cool. As boring as it may be I would be taking a golf gti for a good long test drive. Definitely in your price range and a few manuals around as well. Easy to get a little more go if you fancy it too.
  7. what are the criteria ? i saw 4 door, daily, 70 minute commute - 35k will get a nice 5 or so year old E500 or a 4 door 335i - plenty of go, nicely made, plenty of family safety but still a little interesting. Is manual still viable ?
  8. I would take a look at a Clio iii. You'd definitely get a 2012 model for around 20k. Not as much oomph as a meg but a great fun chassis, high revving and fun. Cheaper on tyres fuel etc too. As Isis says, the meg's limits and capabilities are high, the Clio 200 is at least as much fun at much saner velocities.
  9. the 172 and 182 are fundamentally the same car, Walkie referred to the weight differences but i am not sure what the difference is or what makes up the change. The 182 often has the Cup chassis which means different spacing on the front struts and there was a smaller range of options but i think the offerings are largely the same now. Things like the roll centre hubs sound like they would be disallowed from what you said above - i think those that have them would say they are amongst the very best suspension/geo changes you can make to the 1x2 so that is something worth investigating. Just
  10. the roll centre hubs and lsd make a massive difference to the slow corners - at the 2014 Nats, a quicker driver than me took my car out as i was just getting driven away from - he did a 1:45.1 IIRC correctly, however i found out after it was running on 3 cylinders. this was before the resurfacing and on AD08R not a full semi, so i think a well prepped 172 is a great choice IF allowed to make those changes. Acidwestern has a 172 with roll centre hubs/diff/half cage/seat but he also has ITBs and AST suspension and is running in the 1:54 range at Philip Island which is a seriously quick time for
  11. Few areas to cover there ! The 172 had ktec coilovers when i got it, then koni yellow/eibach (revalved stiffer fronts) then bilsteins, combination of compbrake and ast top mounts and roll centre hubs, various tyres inc semis. The 200 has rs3 tyres and that's it, with everything done, i think the 172 corners faster but the 200 just feels more stable under brakes - the 200 has braided lines, good fluid and DS2500s, I had brembos on my 172 as well as stock calipers, for mine, there is no difference in stopping between the two, though the Brembos give a little more feel. 172 stock calipers and Pa
  12. i think the key to this is what the rules allow, or rather what they prohibit. Can you advise what scope of changes are/aren't allowed? For example, the earlier X85 chassis had larger suspension turret apertures so if you want to run adjustable top mounts, you have to cut the "shell" of the later 200, what braking upgrades are allowed, what can you do with engine, ITB, E85 etc? I have had a 172 with track mods (half cage, seat, roll centre corrected hubs, Quaife etc) and have a 200 which has been on track a couple of times, though it is very nearly stock - my impressions are that the 200
  13. One of the best heel toe videos to watch is Ayrton Senna in a Honda NSX. Complete with loafers and white socks.... https://youtu.be/8By2AEsGAhU
  14. It is also worth giving the cables a lube. Made a big improvement to mine.
  15. I doubt you will get a 200 at that price with those kms. A 197 would definitely be in that price range with that sort of kms. A 200 will less than 50k kms will be a good chunk more. Also note that the 200 market does seem to be colour sensitive. Some colours sell faster, and attract a premium, than others.
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