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New to Renault car - RS275


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13 hours ago, Archilles said:

I'm trying to get a good time for 0-100. Isit safe to chg gear at 6.5k rpm or perhaps near to limit? I've tested changing at 5k rpm and i got 7.1s based on my lousy skills.  

don't bother mate, you won't beat your mate's golf r if that's the goal!

call it 6 seconds and then  go hit some twisties :) congrats again!

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Best colour😉, as for 0-100 they are not Golfs R but apart from that  RS will eat those Rs everywhere else hehe.


My best 0-100 is 5.6s with a tune and new Michelin  PS4 tyres, it’s FWD car and it’s hard to get good and consistent times.

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