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  1. I think from memory there was the common engine mounts failing early and also the fuel filler gasket problem. These could be random occurrences though
  2. Welcome to Clio 3 ownership. All things mentioned are common things that will need to be replaced. It can add up quickly sadly, but once it's fixed enjoy it
  3. Make sure the car is cold when first driving it. A warm gearbox hides bad shifting. Otherwise engine mounts, seat and steering wheel wear. If you can check the ball joints and timing belt and water pump history
  4. Flame suit is on.. Kia Cerato GT. All the doors and turbo engine and good enough handling for a casual track day. Annddd many are still in warranty.......
  5. Did it have a flash tune? Most off the shelf tunes are not 100% perfect
  6. That was a good price for the car and the mods it's got. Welcome
  7. Shoot autoparis a call. He sells aftermarket stuff that he believes is good quality. If you have rs tuner. Do a log of your long term fuel trims while driving on the freeway. If they go up and down crazy amounts it's usually a sign the O2 is also buggars.
  8. I have been looking at these pay for subscribing obd 2 services. They seem okay but cannot find one review of someone using them with a Renault. Carly is the other version I was looking at. Problem is that I am unsure if they can really diagnose well enough with the Renault's. I have a generic OBD2 with torque app that can clear codes and do basic stuff but does not explain deeper as to what is wrong. I did find this obd scanner which does have Renault reviews and can do what Renault CLIP can do. It's more pricyand I am unsure if it works with other cars. http://www.diagnos
  9. woot woot

    New Clio Owner

    Fukn skid machine!!!!
  10. Yep pretty much. 197s can be had for 6k or less so if you plan to keep it and you are okay with maintaining it then you will enjoy it. The cloth seats are pretty good also if you don't want recaros. I did forget about the timing belt and water pump 4-5 year interval costing about 1200 to get done also.
  11. All honesty though. When you push it hard down a twisty road and you can give some serious machinery a very very good run for their money and even embarrass them, you do think it's the best car in the world. This is why I keep mine despite the ton of money I have spent on it. When checking out a car make sure the gearbox shifts nicely. When it's cold it will be stiff and very crap, but once warm it should be smooth at full thottle. Then get the rest of the car checked out if you are keen on it.
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