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  1. S2K

    What a car!

    Fuel consumption might be slightly better, but driving in a more spirited manner as a result of the tune will negate it
  2. It seems Toyota managed to make non-interference performance engines like 2JZ Twin Turbo Supra's, the 3SGTE range, 5 valve per cylinder high revving 4AGE's. Perhaps it's down to emissions/economy as they're older engines, but then again F4R isn't exactly new either.
  3. I think the belt change intervals have to be conservative in order to avoid engines lunching themselves. I don't understand the rationale behind why interference engines exist.
  4. The timing belt is the costly service on these cars, and it's necessary to have them changed at recommended intervals otherwise risk catastrophic engine failure if it breaks. There are other common issues but they're generally not serious and I have found both Renaultsports I have owned to be reliable (Clio 182 and Megane 265) Servicing I guess isn't too far off other performance brands, I perform services on my car, parts are very reasonable and quick to ship from Europe if required Insurance depends on age/history/location/use/garaging/mods etc etc. Grab an online quote and see f
  5. S2K

    Floor Mats for 265

    For clarification, these prices are not unique to Werribee. The 50% sale is listed on the Renault Aust web site so all dealers can accommodate. (I just purchased some via my local dealer in SA)
  6. S2K

    Floor Mats for 265

    Hit the buy button on a set of these based on your recommendation! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Not a fan of the black accents that have been added but they’re likely just wrap. Personally I’d go for a car that has Recaro seats. Then again this example has a sunroof so I guess it depends on what options you prefer. Make sure to do a $2 govt ppsr on the vin to see that it’s not previously written off.
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