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  1. Jayz

    New 172 owner BNE

    Welcome buddy👍
  2. Welcome mate. im sure you’ll enjoy the Clio. A 172 series 2 ( face lift ) would most likely be a good place to start! This model sporting the factory cup pack, along with the 182 trophy Are, with out a doubt, the pick of the bunch in Europe! I found this for a Aussie prospective on things......... https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/staff-cars/1712/our-shed-renault-clio-182-cup
  3. Welcome mate. Great first car! high end performance tyres and new brakes are the go, she’ll feel much sharper! Mate its forced induction. Best bang for your buck is a re - map of the ecu! You would probably get an extra 40-50 hp with out causing a meltdown. I’m sure one of forced induction drivers On here would be able to point you in the correct direction. Then head to the track And learn how to use it 👊🏻
  4. Jayz

    Bonjour all

    Park it up in the shed, throw a sheet Over the little gem and forget it exists for a while......... then come back later and get back what you paid in 03 ✌️
  5. Jayz

    Bonjour all

    Welcome mate. my pennies worth........ your 172 will most likely feel smaller, quicker, More raw and rewarding But dated, after stepping into a 200...... After owning 172,182 and now a 200. in stock form back to back, you’ll Find the 200 feeling up to date (even 10 years on) more planted at speed but firmer, slightly more forgiving at the limit And, you could Possibly Find the gearbox a busier department, during a fast road rip up the hill chasing the limiter in the lower gears for sure! I miss my 172 cup but, then sometimes you just need a change of scenery! 200........She’s the La
  6. Welcome mate. great looking meg, enjoy 👍
  7. Broady Express is the only company I would use! true car enthusiasts who are excellent to deal with in my experience! Broady drives a cool truck As well lol 👍
  8. Jayz

    New member

    Gotta luv the French for there history with cars! go Danny Rick!!
  9. Jayz

    New member

    Hay, matt paint from factory. Grey or red here in Australia with the A&D model. Uk got a very small batch of the same spec car in the red/grey and literally a hand full of light Matt grey almost white/silver from a distance. Less than 40 I believe In total badged as a Raider. A nod No less to the last Renault 5 turbos to roll off the production line, that we’re given the same name in 1991.
  10. Jayz

    New member

    Hi all, im running a Clio 3 angle & demon. im new to the forum but not new to running a Clio. originaly from the uk. amongst other cars I’ve previously owned a 172 & 182 back in the early 2000’s. just looking to relive my youth and the modifications have already started lol happy to catch up with any one interested in heading out for a spirited drive or a trip to the track. I’m located north west of Brisbane. cheers
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