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Hi from SA - New here


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Hey everyone, 
I have recently added this little gem to my garage and I have to say that I couldn't be happier with it. I have wanted a Megane RS for over 8 years now and just hadnt been able to find the right car at the right time but after finding this lil nugget at a dealership I couldnt say no. 

Im wanting to keep it as stock as possible as its such a good car as it is but is there anything that you guys would recommend that I look at upgrading. 

Only thing it appears to have had done to it is the addition of an after market battery saver. 



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And welcome to RS ownership

There are a few of us in ADL, and we have a nice little FB group you may want too join: RenaultsportSA

As to mods: Do a centre res delete and consider a tune. That will give it a nice growl and bring out the best it can deliver power wise 

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A very rare car that one. Love the colour!

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Welcome mate, I too like that colour!

Resonator removal is a great and simple mod, wouldn't worry about a tune, make sure it's got good rubber and just enjoy it for a while.

Looks like a French Highway Patrol car 😉

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