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  1. The Cup and Trophy model EDC’s have an LSD fitted, but not the sport.
  2. Get the pro-alloy intercooler setup (includes both hot and cold side piping up to the throttle body), will work extremely well with the dump pipe change out and custom map. The itg intake is handy in the last thousand RPM, the stock airbox will become a restriction. The motor should from 162kw up to over 190kw.
  3. Graphite is a nice colour for those tibor rims, I wouldn’t mind doing that to the ones my clio one day.
  4. I will keep an eye out when I'm on the roads around the hills.
  5. It’s a 2014 Cup thanks. I’m also on hot hatches Adelaide Facebook page.
  6. Hey there, pretty sure I've seen your car on the Northern Expressway a few times or going down Curtis Rd. I live over at Munno Para West.
  7. You can also use Castrol edge 5w40, it meets the Renault standards as well. That was selling for $60 at auto barn last week.
  8. Its French but also common with the Nissan Juke in the car world. The motor is a Nissan and I'm sure some of the electrics in the bay are also Nissan bits. I think you will like the clio but, its super around corners and the brakes work well. I have also done the rstuner map so its very decent off the line too, e-diff function works in overtime out the corners now :p. The gearbox is frustrating in auto mode as it shifts too late or too early and can sometimes feel jerky in traffic (I guess its shift map was for a standard tune). But to get around that I always drive it in manual and that
  9. Nice, Euro Garage is a good choice.
  10. Nice looking colour for the meg. I don't have any tips for the car itself but I do take my car to boost worx in Cavan for servicing currently.
  11. Timster

    My new Rb8

    Great looking version of the Meg, I stick with BP Ultimate most of the time also.
  12. is there massive amounts of gutter rash on the rims?
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