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  1. Graphite is a nice colour for those tibor rims, I wouldn’t mind doing that to the ones my clio one day.
  2. I will keep an eye out when I'm on the roads around the hills.
  3. It’s a 2014 Cup thanks. I’m also on hot hatches Adelaide Facebook page.
  4. Hey there, pretty sure I've seen your car on the Northern Expressway a few times or going down Curtis Rd. I live over at Munno Para West.
  5. You can also use Castrol edge 5w40, it meets the Renault standards as well. That was selling for $60 at auto barn last week.
  6. Its French but also common with the Nissan Juke in the car world. The motor is a Nissan and I'm sure some of the electrics in the bay are also Nissan bits. I think you will like the clio but, its super around corners and the brakes work well. I have also done the rstuner map so its very decent off the line too, e-diff function works in overtime out the corners now :p. The gearbox is frustrating in auto mode as it shifts too late or too early and can sometimes feel jerky in traffic (I guess its shift map was for a standard tune). But to get around that I always drive it in manual and that makes the daily drive a much smoother thing. The ride depends on the model version you get also. I drive a cup model and its stiff on SA roads, the sport model I think rides a little softer and then the trophy version I know is firmer and lower than the cup. Filter from bmc is cheap and rstuner kit was around $600. Then $100 for a deres and you have a very simple stage 1 setup done.
  7. Nice, Euro Garage is a good choice.
  8. Nice looking colour for the meg. I don't have any tips for the car itself but I do take my car to boost worx in Cavan for servicing currently.
  9. Timster

    My new Rb8

    Great looking version of the Meg, I stick with BP Ultimate most of the time also.
  10. is there massive amounts of gutter rash on the rims?
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