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My Megane RS


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Hi Guys!

Bought this about 6 months ago but hadn't got around to introducing myself and it.

Came from a GTI and have been so impressed how much more fun the megane is.

Keen to start modding soon.

Look forward to getting to know everyone!






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3 hours ago, lyrs265 said:

welcome jamie,

i also came out of a gti to rs 265


you also have an aston martin ?


Don't know what I was doing for so long in a gti, megane is miles ahead in terms of fun! How do you like yours compared to the gti? 

Haha nah I wish, it's my dads, great fun to drive though! And the sound is 👌👌


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On 26/06/2019 at 9:54 AM, lyrs265 said:

i had a 2005 mk5 gti dsg.

the megane is a much more hardcore,  involving and faster drive.

the golf was a better all-rounder.

occasionally i miss the golf's stealth factor  😄


Yeh i wont disagree that the golf is probably a better all rounder but I don't think I could go back, not as fun and just looks like any other golf haha. The shape of the megane is far better looking imo. 

Done any mods to your 265?

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