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  1. Jamie265

    My Megane RS

    Yeh i wont disagree that the golf is probably a better all rounder but I don't think I could go back, not as fun and just looks like any other golf haha. The shape of the megane is far better looking imo. Done any mods to your 265?
  2. Jamie265

    My Megane RS

    Don't know what I was doing for so long in a gti, megane is miles ahead in terms of fun! How do you like yours compared to the gti? Haha nah I wish, it's my dads, great fun to drive though! And the sound is 👌👌
  3. Jamie265

    My Megane RS

    Hi Guys! Bought this about 6 months ago but hadn't got around to introducing myself and it. Came from a GTI and have been so impressed how much more fun the megane is. Keen to start modding soon. Look forward to getting to know everyone! Jamie
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