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  1. simmsy


    Hey mate. welcome aboard. Great looking ride.
  2. simmsy

    My Megane RS

    Nice ride. Welcome aboard.
  3. Welcome aboard. Nice ride.
  4. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Nice ride.👍
  5. Hey Tom. Welcome aboard. Great pic.
  6. Hey mate Welcome aboard. I just got my 1st Renault a few weeks back as well. Awesome little cars. Saw one today in black with black rims looked real good.
  7. simmsy

    RS280 Cup.

    Mate, She looks gorgeous. They will sort it all out. Great choice in colour as well 😉
  8. simmsy


    Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Got some pics?👍
  9. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Beautiful ride.
  10. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. Pics please.
  11. Hey mate. Welcome aboard. I'm new as well plenty of knowledge on this forum.👍
  12. Welcome aboard. Pics please.
  13. Welcome aboard. 👍
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