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  1. lyrs265

    Bang for buck?

    over in enzed used rs265 are in abundance, from early phase 2's at well under $20k to the last phase 3s at just over 20k. how about a manual polo gti ?
  2. lyrs265

    My Megane RS

    i had a 2005 mk5 gti dsg. the megane is a much more hardcore, involving and faster drive. the golf was a better all-rounder. occasionally i miss the golf's stealth factor 😄
  3. lyrs265

    My Megane RS

    welcome jamie, i also came out of a gti to rs 265 you also have an aston martin ?
  4. yes, paekak hill and rimutaka hill roads are favourites. the meg feels a bit big on paekak though, a clio rs would be ideal. haywards/grays road is fun too, especially at night. bit of a nightmare getting into the capital at the moment. major road works at otaki and mckays crossing/ transmission gully - that road should be a great drive when it opens in 2020. and the new kapiti expressway needs $25m of resealing after only a year !
  5. hi, i'm north of wellington. car is ex-auckland. there's various meg 3 rs (phase 1,2,3) scattered through both islands, including 265 redbull, 275 trophy, a couple of 275 trophy r.
  6. hello mate ! i have one in the same colour !
  7. hi guys, thanks to mate rszwei for introducing me to this forum last year i bought a 2015 rs265 in liquid yellow, one owner, 38,000km nz spec includes recaros, rs monitor, 19in black + red wheels. coming from a golf mk5 gti, the meg is a revelation car is stock apart from a set of michelin cup2 tyres.
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