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Clio 172 Ph1 just delivered


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Hi - my first post as just took delivery of a Clio172 Ph1 this morning arrived from Adelaide. Just parked her up in new home and off to register in NSW today.  I hear that Renotech are the mechanics to use?  Keen to get involved with track days, etc.  Any advice appreciated. Thanks


Clio 172 Ph1.jpg

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Renotech are absolutely the boys to use if you're in Sydney. Going by your postcode you're a pretty decent drive across Galston Gorge to get to them too which is always a bonus ;) 

Do pop into the thread linked below and stick in your build number # for the phase 1 register!


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Hi Fergo

6 degrees of separation here, but I think my mate's boss (who's an insurance broker) is your mate. I lent them my French racing blue Clio 182 for a spirited 'test' drive...

Congrats on the purchase. You'll love it! 

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Congratulations on your purchase!

Renotech are the best.  I cannot speak highly enough of Miles and Julian.

This is my car that I use for track days:  


If you want to do regular timed track days I can recommend joining Southern Sporting Car Club and compete in the Interclub supersprint events.  Another forum member jim60t is also a member of SSCC.

https://sscc.org.au/membership - that's a photo of me with my 172 on the website at the moment 

https://interclub.online/index.php - next event is May 5 at Eastern Creek

They run very well organised events and you'll be placed in a group of cars with similar laps times (so you're not always looking in your mirrors for cars that are massively faster than you).  If you want anymore info just let me know.  

It would be great to see another 172 at the track.



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Thank you for all the info as I made contact with Miles at Reno Tech to book in for a service and blue slip. 

Will look into SSCC and May 5 event at Eastern Creek.

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