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  1. Yeah I also suggest a wheel balance. The give away clue is that the vibration is at higher speed. Hopefully this is the cheap/easy fix you need
  2. I'm part of the ARDC. Mine expired last month and I have not yet renewed the ARDC membership nor my Motorsport Australia (previously CAMS) license. I don't see the point in getting the license rewed if there are no events or track days on.
  3. Read here. This website is my go to website when comparing any variant of a car i'm looking at. https://australiancar.reviews/reviews.php#!content=review&make=Renault&model=Megane RS&gen=798 The biggest difference will be how important are bi xenon HID lights to you? Facelift went back to Halogen lights (stuffed if i know what Renault were thinking). I personally like the facelift, and i've changed my headlight globes brighter LED ones - still no where near as good as the HID's in the pre facelift though).
  4. Don't listen to what you see or hear about French cars. The Megane 3 RS's are stupidly reliable. You will read about broken door handles, or failed engine mounts or failed AC compressors. But they are the vocal FEW. The remainder of the silent owners have had nothing but pure motoring joy and reliability. Servicing? Minor servicing is the same as what I paid for the Mazda. Major service, the Renault may cost more. But since you're looking at 2014/15 models this should already be done (regardless of Km's on the car). Good luck finding your Megane. They were hidden secrets in th
  5. Here are a couple of pics from my old MPS that I owned back in the day: I can impart some judgement here since I used to own a Mazda MPS 3 and am now onto my second Megane 3 RS (I had a Megane RS 250, sold that went to a 2015 Wrx STi, then saw the error in my ways and bought a Megane RS 265). The Mazda was 'faster' in a straight line... if you like that thing. The MPS obviously has a bigger motor and higher engine HP. Thats the only thing going for that car. Renault know how to build good drivers cars. Chassis tuning is obvious and you'll notice it instantly as soon as
  6. jim60t

    First Renault

    This is not correct. Adrian had 2 BO's. The other one you are referring to, which was originally for sale but he decided to keep, has custom 'F1 CUP' NSW number plates. This particular BO is not on the WOVR. The new buyer would no doubt have found out if it was on the WOVR register is they completed a PPSR report. @michiale Congrats on the purchase. You'll love it!
  7. jim60t


    You could DIY. Check out my guide here:
  8. Got a link to a specific set that you recommended Matt?
  9. No, I don't think it does make any difference. The rears you can't tell if they are on or not. The fronts, with 20mm spacers, makes the steering a little heavier. But that's about the only difference I noticed
  10. They are hub centric with studs on them. I'll include the chrome wheel nuts so you can hold the wheels to the spacer. You can't use the factory wheel bolts to hold the spacer onto the hub as the head of the wheel bolt is too high and will touch the wheel. To fit these, you will need low-profile replacement wheel bolts (sorry to spam the OP's thread - but thought it would be good to show pics of the spacers and whats needed to fit them if you decide to go down this path)
  11. $80? That would be a pair of 20mm spacers + 10x low profile wheel bolts. Cost me $120
  12. I've fitted 20mm spacers front and rear on my car Front 20mm spacers Rear 20mm spacers 20mm spacers on the rear are perfect. 20mm on the front is a bit too aggressive. I've actually removed the spacers at the moment (took them off for the RenoTech track day) and have not yet refitted them. I'll refit the rear 20mm spacers. On the front i'll look to install 10mm spacers. You interested in a pair of 20mm spacers and low profile wheel bolts to suit? (I dont need 2 sets of them)
  13. I'd suggest you do a thorough Google search and look for posts about unreliability/people buying 'lemons' when it comes to the Mégane rs250/265/275. The truth is, you won't find any. The same cant be said VW's, Audi's, BMW's, Merc's, Ford etc (even my old 2015 Subaru WRX STI people were having problems). For all the people that praise the reliability of these cars, you can also find stacks of horror stories. I can't recall any horror story/bad ownership experience on Mégane 3 ownership here in Australia or over there in Europe even. Obviously, everyone on this forum wil
  14. Based on what Mark has said. If these wheels clear the rear caliper, then clearance on the front on standard calipers wont be an issue (the stock rear caliper hangs out further than the fronts). If the rear wheels slightly touch the rear calipers.... an angle grinder will help. Its what i did
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