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  1. Totally normal. You'll hear it flicking the guards and then falling off as you drive on the street over the next couple of weeks.
  2. Probably the best advice I've seen on this forum since I joined about 3 years ago.
  3. No worries Fergo. Don't forget you need a CAMS L2S or AASA licence.
  4. Congratulations on your purchase! Renotech are the best. I cannot speak highly enough of Miles and Julian. This is my car that I use for track days: If you want to do regular timed track days I can recommend joining Southern Sporting Car Club and compete in the Interclub supersprint events. Another forum member jim60t is also a member of SSCC. https://sscc.org.au/membership - that's a photo of me with my 172 on the website at the moment https://interclub.online/index.php - next event is May 5 at Eastern Creek They run very well organised events and yo
  5. Batman

    New to Renault

    Car has been to Renotech and received some expert attention from Miles and Julian. New front brake pads - QFM A1RM New rear brake pads - Brembo Brake fluid replaced - Motul RBF 600 Lowered H&R springs Powerflex upper engine mount insert Gearbox oil replaced - Elf 75W-80 New lower front ball joints New engine oil and filter - Penrite Racing 10W-40 New air filter and cabin filter Front wheel alignment - 2.5 degrees camber
  6. Batman

    New to Renault

    Hi Matt I've also recently purchased a 2002 Clio 172 and I plan to take it to SMP for track days as often as I can. http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/topic/30795-syd-fs-2002-flame-red-clio-172/ If you are going to do regular track days I can definitely recommend joining Southern Sporting Car Club. https://sscc.org.au/2017/ They participate in the Interclub Supersprint Series which is a well-organised group of clubs that run track days with timed laps. https://interclub.online/index.php Their next supersprint is on 15 July. The one after that is 30 September. Plenty of track
  7. Hi Josh Your car looks like a nice clean unit. The rego plates are awesome! I'm in a similar boat to you - just bought my first Clio and intend to take it to Eastern Creek as often as I can. I just got my car back from Renotech. Julian and Miles did a full service and they are great to deal with. They refreshed all fluids and replaced a few worn items and the car is running very nicely now. I'm not sure what area of Sydney you live in but I did the return trip from Parramatta to Hornsby and it was well worth the drive. If you are going to do regular track days I can recomm
  8. Batman

    New to Renault

    Car is currently with Miles and Julian at Renotech getting a good once over, all fluids changed and a few other bits and pieces. .
  9. Batman

    New to Renault

    Hi all I've just bought my first ever Renault! Purchased from forum member, jim60t It’s a 2002 Clio Sport 172. It’s already received a few mods from jim60t during his ownership of the car: RaceSpec tune Koni Yellow Adjustable suspension all round Eibach camber pins - running 2.5 degrees camber at the front Powerflex rear motor mount insert 195/50/15 Hankook RS3's all round Whiteline 18mm rear adjustable sway bar T2 slotted front rotors, QFM AR1M's brake pads Major belt service completed by RenoTech in December 2016 I plan to d
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