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Rs265 Black On Black


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Hey all!


Names Matt and I'm from Geelong vic. New to a Renault. Come from mainly a Japanese car back ground. Loving the car so far. However I am driving it as my daily so already managed to put a few km's(8k) on it!


I'll ad some photos up later! Once I've taken photos !



Anyway looking forward to being part of the community!







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Hi Matt,


Welcome to the forum.  I am guessing Hondas were the previous ride of choice...  It will be interesting to get your thoughts on the relative experience between the Meg and those before it.


Look forward to the photos when you get a chance.  Which spec 265 did you get?

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Its a 2014 face lift cup version. Was first registered June 30th this year. So picked up brand new for a great price! Being a daily driven car I thought I'd be better off with the 18's and non Recaro seats.


I'm finding the car to be pretty engaging so far. Different from my dc5 type s integra but not so different(hard to describe). Definitely a Honda person, learnt to drive in a 99 civic. Would have brought another Honda but Honda Australia couldn't confirm if we were getting the new civic type r and I needed a new car for work! Plus I wanted something that was quick and had to handle!


Notable Cars I've owned so far are -








And here is how the garage looks at the moment!






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No plans at this stage other than tinting the windows. Ive been reading the issues people have with these cars and puts me off modifying just in case something goes wrong.


However I dont think i could last 5yrs(warranty length) without modifying it. It definately needs more noise! And to be a little lower.


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Thanks for the welcomes! Pretty happy with my previous rides ive owned, and I think the renault continues that trend!


First up i would like a new gear knob! Is there many options?

And secondly ive seen Renault carbon fibre look emblems. Any one know where i can get those from?

Id like to take the megane badge off also.


Is there any places people recommend for buying parts from?



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Looks great. I wasn't a fan of black cars until I bought one last week [emoji2]


Don't be scared of modding just be sensible about it.


Love the wheels, they are the best wheel for the Megane IMO, 18" look perfect.

Yeah black cars are hard to keep clean but look so good! Yeah im with you love the design of those wheels!


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I'll be doing the silencer delete soon as mine only came with 3yr warranty but the word is that it's one that doesn't have much bearing on the warranty, and improves the sound without the drone

I'm a big integra fan ... I could have and should have bought the last of the type r, but I went way too sensible that time!

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