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(Melbourne) Newbie - Clio Sport Cup Ph'1 #20/85


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Hi All,


Have been sniffing around the forum for a couple of years now and never introduced myself.


I have just picked my up Clio Cup Ph 1 - named him Ph1l... lol. He's number 20/85 and is in amazing condition for his age.


I'm 27, based in Point Cook, and have owned the following vehicles:


1998 WRX

2006 WRX

1991 NA6 MX5

2008 Golf GTI

2006 NC MX5 (Super 20 Cosworth S/C treatment - Flyin' Miata)

2003 Clio Sport (burnt down...)


Still own:

2014 Fiesta ST (Stage 1)


Have always wanted a Cup Ph1 as I absolutely love the rawness and look of them.


Anyway, hello all :)



Goran - sometimes mistaken for Graham or Gary and am happy either way

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Feista looks good! Are they Ultraleggeras?


Added you to the ph1 register - can you confirm if it's Iceberg Silver or Titanium Silver? I'm assuming Iceberg but the register has both down with a question mark :wink:

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