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  1. I was lucky enough to drive this today..., it is mad. Now I have to be depressed because I want one..., and I can't.
  2. He is known as BOB... Just a shame he wasn't introduced as such, instead of 8.08. Would have been an amusing way to stir up the crowd... Introducing the new Yellow Megane BOB.
  3. itsdamo

    Intro - Frb Clio200

    Love the FRB..., but no, that Evo looked awesome!
  4. Welcome, Most things are relatively cheap, apart from the timing belt... I would love to see some pics of your MK2 Jag.
  5. Paid, apologies for delay. Thanks again to all who manage, and contribute to this awesome community...
  6. Just to add to this thread dig, given I just read the whole topic... I once had a loan clunker vehicle, loan vehicle from smash repairers who were repairing my near new Pug 206 GTi, this is after someone turned right across my path... http://206gti.net/dr-crash/ The loan car in question was a VR or VS Commodore Berlina... I was due to drive from Sydney to Orange the weekend after the accident occurred and this car evidently had low engine oil... Oil light was coming on at times e.g. when braking... Given I wanted to make it to Orange and such neglect pained me I did an engine oil and filter change on this car prior to heading off to Orange... It made it to Orange and back, but it was an adventure... It had a transmission slip whenever seeking to accelerate with vigour... I presented the receipts for engine oil and oil filter to the panel beater proprietor when the car was returned, he was quite shocked but thankful...
  7. Welcome, yep Penrite HPR5 5W-40 is good... That is what I use in the Clio and the Toy@&a. The Alfa received Penrite 10W-60, but that is a different animal.
  8. The battery for remote central locking has no bearing on the car starting, or not, in a phase 2 172 or 182. Likely to be a problem with the RFID immobiliser circuit on the circuit board, namely the inductor, which is likely cracked causing intermittent / no starting, or the circuit board itself I.e. Dry joint or cracked PCB track. They don't like being dropped... There was a lot of talk on this recently when others had the problem...
  9. Hi Neil, I have been reliably informed that the red Lotus Elite / Excel? at Shannons Cars and Coffee was yours... You let my little boy have a sit in your lovely car, thank you... I think it made his day. http://ozrenaultsport.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/20791-damos-2004-clio-172/?p=504202
  10. itsdamo

    Whining In 5Th Gear?

    It is metric... 8mm square section socket for the sump plug. Make sure you have a new sump plug washer. This may help... Google is your friend... http://www.cliosport.net/content/guides/fubar/oil_guide.pdf Something like this... It is available locally if you try specialist tool shops, or eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renault-tool-sump-plug-key-/191331136620?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Car+Make%3ARenault%7CModel%3AClio%7CCars+Type%3AWilliams&hash=item2c8c39746c Same again for the torx tools... Torx bits and sockets are common enough these days to find almost anywhere...
  11. Lotto ticket, I am looking at you..
  12. itsdamo

    Hi All!

    Fosters is only for export... Nobody in Australia drinks the rubbish.
  13. itsdamo

    Hi All!

    Nice, welcome. It looks lovely in that deep red. Nothing like a vodka after a fast drive.
  14. itsdamo

    New 172 Owner

    Damn... I want a Quaife. Logically need to save and plan for it so that when clutch dies, touch wood, it can be all done through RenoTech.
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