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Hi guys, it's been a while


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Hi all!


So I'm not so much a newbie as one of those people that completely fail in the art of keeping in touch. Used to be a regular around here but about 4 years ago I moved to NZ leaving my Clio behind to feast on highway km's getting dad to work and back. I stayed active on the forums for a little while but eventually just because a full time lurker.


Anyway, I'm back in Aus (Melbourne now) and back driving the Clio so I figured I should actually say hi!



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Yep still rocking the BOCLio :D Damn thing is filthy at the moment cause there is a new building site right next door but thankfully it's a colour that manages well.


Seems RenaultSport's aren't exactly rare anymore, or at least here in South Melbourne they aren't!

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