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Newbie looking for advice on picking the right car


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Greetings all


I hope everyone is well


My name is Ben and I am both new to the forum and Renaults.

I'm looking to purchase either an R26 or x84 cup. As I really don't know the vehicles, would forum members be kind enough to assist with the decision (pros/cons / personal experiences)and give me a list of things to look for and to ask the seller when checking them out.

Thanks to Matt205 I'm not eager to own my first


Best wishes

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Depends on what you need or want. I don't need 4 doors, I prefer the look of the 2 door shell and I really wanted the LSD and the exclusivity of the R26 so that's what I bought. There's heaps of info in previous threads about both cars for you to make your mind up. Performance wise, there wouldn't be much in it re straight line speed (once you're rolling), but through the corners the LSD makes a lot of difference.

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The R26 is certainly the flag ship model and rates highly even these days, if you can live with 3 doors then the difference in price might be worth it. If you want 4 doors then I'd recommend the cup 225 model as the steering is direct and you get the firmer suspension, 18inch rims and xenons which set the car apart. There's quite a few on the market today so happy hunting!

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What to look out for during inspection:


1. Timing and aux belt have been changed - due every 4yrs/100,000km

2. Check the idle of the car - if it feels rough could be engine mounts or injector/coil packs, though probably engine mounts in most instances. Its normally the top mount and you can see it in the left hand side of the engine bay next to the coolant resovoir - just have a look and see of the rubber under the steel frame of the mount has collapsed or not.

3. There were a few that had a rear tyre wear issue, think it was the left hand side from memory but can't remember exactly - not sure if there was a fix either.


Can't think of anything else other than the other usual "common" checks that you would do at a pre purchase inspection.


They are a good car, and there really wasn't that much that went wrong with them. My one which I had for over 6 years besides the engine mount needing changing was pretty damn reliable.



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Welcome along Ben!


There's plenty of info on here, but like Brendan says the belts are an important one, and if there's any question over the history of them being changed or not, it's just a must do, and the purchase price should reflect that as well. They really are a very robust thing, when properly maintained. As I mentioned to you the old chestnuts of expensive and hard to find parts are just not true, there's enough specialist mechanics around to make servicing and maintenance pretty simple and economical.


You know my preference, R26, but you need to drive both and work out if you can live without the 2 extra doors, the 4 door cup would exactly be a hardship to own though if you simply cannot do the 2 door thing.


Looking forward to your feedback when you drive a few, and I know you'll be joining us as RS Addicts soon enough....

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