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  1. So I've been on this site since last December and has been a valuable resource even before i purchased my car. It just now occurred to me I haven't yet chucked some donation coin in, so that it now done and a big thanks to the people on here, you've all been a great help.!!!!!!
  2. I think edc200 mentioned a girlfriend in one of his/her posts so maybe that's her selling the car cause I do recognise those pics. How bizarre!
  3. Getting a RSC4 but I do love the look of the megane. Looks great in those pics.
  4. Your ships name is either the Hoegh Trader or Hoegh Amsterdam which are both due in Melbourne on the 24th of May. FYI
  5. Welcome. The more I look at the LY's the more I like them. Kinda wish I went that color now, however, like you, thought the silver wheels didn't look as dynamic on the LY sport,there-go Flame red it was.
  6. Another Flame Red owner, interested to see those pics in the cup, personally thought the red looked great and went well with the silvers so got it in the sport chassis. Can't wait to pick up. Welcome!
  7. Well I have officially joined the Renault family by purchasing a new Clio IV RS 200 sport trophy in the flame red. Bit of a wait but wanted a 2014 build and i'M going overseas in April so should be close to ready when I get back. Excited as all hell and a big thanks to this forum for providing lots of information and more in the future. Shout out to Chris and Ian at Barry Bourke Renault in Berwick for being patient and making the experience a joy.
  8. Well ok, wrong choice of term. I'll play the newbie card here and then rephrase and say I was pleasantly surprised.
  9. Actually thats a point i should have mentioned, the ride in the cup didn't feel that bad to be honest.
  10. Definitely going to try and test drive the sport chassis next week, dealership didn't have one available when I went in there last time. The roads around this particular dealership are pretty good, plenty of bendy bits and different standard roads so not just your typical 10 minute highway drive. Intruiging to feel the difference.
  11. Na no relation but great name though. Thx for the advice walkie, those ideas sound cool. I'm in the dandenong mountains in Victoria mate, plenty of great roads to take for a spin in my new black sport trophy. Have to say the black on black looks appealing but have decided to save the cash and go the sport chassis. Probs more suitable.
  12. Hello everyone, newbie here with very high potential to get myself into a Clio 4 rs200(Renault first timer). After having a test drive in a Cup only and deciding that I really want one, I have been tossing up whether to go the softer option over the Cup chassis. I really want the trophy spec so cost comes into it plus i thought the more comfy ride would be more suitable for the wifey and the occasional(very occasional) passenger. Is there anyone in here who has test driven both chassis and has noticed a big difference in the handling and if so is it a case of spend the extra, forget the comfort. ps You guys don't know it but you have provided a great service to me whilst deciding whether to purchase, For that I thank you.
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