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New Clio III RS200 Owner


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Hi all,


Been meaning to introduce myself for a while, recently bought a 2011 RS200 Cup Trophee in silver, it is my first RS and I have been loving the car so far so I have keen to start chatting with all the other passionate RS owners.


Here are a few pictures (provided i figured out how to show them)







If they didn't work here is a link to the album http://imgur.com/a/jdJG1#0

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Hi guys,


The trophee wheels look better in person in my opinion, they look a bit weird in the photos. I think it's because the anthracite doesn't show so well in the pictures.


Previous car history list is pretty small, mainly just driven the family vehicles being a 306 which I mainly drove and we have had a 307, 308, and a 407. Will always have a soft spot for the 306. Had a few drives in friends cars who have an 86, mr2 and some lancers, imprezas and such. Guess the french influence rubbed off on me , Clio is so different to the 86 and mr2 but I couldn't resist it.


Had a few good drives in the Clio IV, great fun but I really wanted to get into a manual. (plus I prefer the styling)


Here are a few interior snaps (needs a vacuuming again)




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Love it :D



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Beaut car and great value in the Trophee. V/good choice.

I particularly like the 17" bebop wheels on our model. The 17" make a much better ride than the 18 on a cup chasis.

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Your Clio looks great 8) any plans for it?

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Thanks for all the welcomes guys :) No major plans for the car just yet, mainly little things like the RS steering wheel trim, although I was thinking of potentially getting a rear spoiler. Is it at all possible to get the small lip/hood looking spoiler like on the Australian GP edition? I like that small addition, rounds out the back end well.

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Requires a different tailgate to integrate the brake light. Have a look at K-Tec racing. Their sprint spoiler is awesome.





Tnes Morf Klatapat

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