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Proud owner of new Clio RS EDC Sport


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Picked up my new Clio EDC 200 Sport Trophy today.

(I would've had it sooner, but I was away Christmas eve when it was first available)


Can't be happier.


I originally was hoping for a LY Sport (with many telling me I should replace the silver wheels with black ones) but alas, since I was opting for the Trophy trimmings, a LY Sport Trophy would've had me waiting until April so I settled for a black instead. I'm very happy with how it worked out.


The LY looks fantastic (in fact if you drive past Sydney City Renault you'll see my original order [LY Sport] on display outside the front and I must say, I don't mind the silver and yellow combo) but the black is far more understated. The LY is almost "toy" like. It's a great colour and I'm sure I would've loved it, but I'm very happy with black.


Really enjoyed the service at Sydney City Renault btw. They know their stuff, and kept me feeling special and excited about it all.


Love the sound of the Clio. If you've read my introduction in the Clio IV forums, you'll know I'm the driver this car is aimed at. I've never owned a car like this and I'm loving every minute of it right now. Might even have a night drive after I type this!


Can't wait to take it out to a "real" road and take it for a spin. But the inner city roads and traffic I've hit today, it's a nice place to be, and as a "most days" car, I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly.


Not entirely sure how to post photos here, but I'll try and work that out and get some posted on here. I took some in tricky lighting situations with my iPhone which don't look very good, so maybe tomorrow I'll get some better ones.


I know most on this forum are mostly interested in the "Cup" version and the black wheels, but I think my Clio looks pretty schmick and classy, with a few hints of aggressive bodywork.



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Welcome mate and congrats on the purchase!


I saw a black Cup on Monday and it looked great. Saw a white Sport Trophy too and I actually prefer the silver wheels.


Enjoy getting to know her!

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good stuff matey my mate bought one in blue recently. beauts in person! enjoy and be safe


But they don't come in blue?!


I wish they did :(

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