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  1. IMDave

    GT220 Premium

    Hi keigoGT220. Yes the Arkamy DSP is non-adjustable. Have a look over in the ICE sub-forum. There are copious threads complaining about it. Two schools of thought: replace the headunit. Most common approach. Use a processor like a Audison Bit-Ten to "de-equalise" the Arkamys effect. Some have had success with this, however it does seem that this method hasn't been successful for current model RS265's so the GT220 may be the same.
  2. I'd have to agree with you in reagrds to both of these. The forum just keeps on giving, and I also found dealing with Chris at Barry Bourke much less painful than the usual dealership experience. Welcome aboard.
  3. Got to agree with that. And Welcome aboard mate.
  4. IMDave

    New from USA

    Welcome Ron. Having been a member of a couple of forums myself, I'll think you'll find everyone here friendly and helpful. I have.
  5. Welcome aboard from another Dave. Yeah, it really is a sense of comradery when you see another RS driver on the road. I'll flick 'em a big "thumbs up".
  6. Welcome aboard from a fellow newbie. Will have to check out "The Garage"
  7. LOL ... nice perspective. Given you seem to be from a motoring background I'm sure you're all over it ... but I was going to suggest that (some of) the driver training courses are a great way to have a bit of fun and learn the limits of the car (where there are no trees or curbs). My kids will certainly be doing some of these when they get to that stage. Mmmmm, that's got me thinking. A driver training course as an introduction to Track Days. Zuffen, I love that the Renault is at the "lower end of your fleet". More power to you , for me it's probably the most expensive car I will ever ( be allowed ) to buy. Hope your son enjoys the drive.
  8. IMDave

    New Cup owner

    Great work. Look forward to the photos. When I picked up my car from Barry Bourke, they had 3 Redbull Specials on the floor. Drool.
  9. IMDave

    New Cup owner

    Welcome aboard. As for the information..........where to start? Prepare to smile a lot. ( Particularly at people "rubber necking" as you drive past.)
  10. IMDave

    Newbie first rs

    Nice to know. Thanks.
  11. From one newbie to another : Welcome aboard.
  12. OMG and I thought I'd been lurking a while . 373 days Glad to hear you still love the car.
  13. LOL. I'm in Sydney this week helping my parents move house. I miss looking at the RS in the garage more than anything else.
  14. Not so sure about thaat. I think the window may have closed already. I bought a new Alpine CDA-137EBT to replace the stock H/U and she frowned at me.
  15. Lol. Initially tried to trade her car in on Ford Focus ST, but they offered us bugger all for the trade in. When the changeover price was too high & she realised that she was going to end up with my 4yo Liberty wagon she understandably cancelled the idea. When I said the ST was always going to be a compromise anyway, she said I should buy the RS because that's what I'd always wanted. I love my wife. ( and my new car).
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