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Long Term lurker, now owner.


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Honestly didn't think I'd be able swing it past SWMBO, but took posession of my new Capsicum Red Trophy a couple of days ago.

Gave it a wash, claybar, and a couple of coats of Chem Guys Blitz sealant on the weekend.

This was an opportunity to go over every panel. Without a doubt the most beautiful work of auto design I've ever owned. Truly beautiful.

And the bonus is ........it drives like a demon too. 8)8)8)8)8):D

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Congrats and welcome Dave! Great choice 8)


How'd you swing it past SWMBO?


Initially tried to trade her car in on Ford Focus ST, but they offered us bugger all for the trade in. When the changeover price was too high & she realised that she was going to end up with my 4yo Liberty wagon she understandably cancelled the idea. When I said the ST was always going to be a compromise anyway, she said I should buy the RS because that's what I'd always wanted.

I love my wife. ( and my new car).

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I'm in Sydney this week helping my parents move house.

I miss looking at the RS in the garage more than anything else.


Welcome! Having said that, after the above comment I don't reckon you'll be here long if your lovely wife gets her own login! :wink::wink:

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