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Good to see you posting mate ......


i went with wax this morning who put a deposit down on a very tidy low km 172.... I'll let wax post up the details !!


Gee ... which one could that be ... ? :-\



Good news by the way.


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Bender really is in awesome condition a real credit to Steve who has gone over the car and fixed all the niggles


Only thing I noticed when I drove it were the brakes were not pulling up as they should ..... An easy fix with some new fluid and some ds2500's :wink:


Enjoy the car Wax.

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Welcome Jason, make sure you get those brakes looked at, you'll need them to pull up from 160+ kmh at the end of the straight at Wakefield.


If you don't already know I have a Silver 172 track beast called "The Mistress" which Wade is more than familiar with.

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Cheers !

I will indeed get the brakes looked at before my first track day :) I met a few of you at Wakefield when I came with Wade once. I had to drive his 172 to the track for him as he had lost his license. That is when I first discovered I really want one. "The Mistress" I love it ! Looking forward to meeting you all in person soon.

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Welcome and congrats mate.


Some tasty bits on Bender already 8)

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