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Hi from Melbourne


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Hi all,


Having been waiting a while for the arrival of the RS265 after realising it was coming to Australia I am now undecided whether to go for the 808 or the Trophy. I'm not sure whether Renault is selling more of the Trophys or the 808.


The other question I've to decide on is the rego for the car once I get it. I realised that there is a thread for wanker plates but that V #numberplate 808 is for sale and I've spotted V#numberplate RS200 on the road.


It seems to me rather pointless for anyone with a Q7 to have as their rego Q7 since most people know what a Q7 is but with the RS250 and RS265 it isn't that common so someone having RS250 or RS265 makes a lot of sense to me.


I know one of the dealers here has a car for sale with RS265 as it's rego. What do most people think?



PS I've heard of a guy who has the rego NOTAMG after he was sick of everyone mistaking his car for a MG.

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Welcome to the forum!

If you want an 808, you had better get in quick.

Rego plates I believe are always a personal choice and I always look for good meaningful or funny ones on the road.


I think initially there will be more 808's on the road but as the year goes by, Trophys of various forms will start to pick up as the 808's are no longer available.

LOL.... RENAULTSport always has another limited edition up their sleeve.

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Hi Peter and welcome to the RS gang. Mate either way U would be getting 1 awesome vehicle. I'm with griffyn on the plates. U gotta have them and they are ur choice. Slimlines look the bomb. Ours are both our initials which just happen to be the same and both our bdays.

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Welcome mate.


Personalised plates look way better than standard issue, so as long as it's not something trying to get the attention of girls/boys then I don't see it as a wanker plate :wink:


Enjoy your new car when it arrives!


PS. Would you count this as a wanker plate? :booty:



IMG_8868 copy by alex b photo, on Flickr

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Ian at Barry Bourke has RS 808 for sale.


I've never been a vanity plate guy but I did contemplate getting CHAUD for mine. I'd never do it in NSW where they gouge you every year for the privilege.


Everytime I see Danny's plate I read a***-cup. Is that an ink-blot thing? :shock:

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Hey Mog,


im thinking of getting my own custom plates too and will probably be classed as a wanker plate, but its more of an injoke between mates and myself. Gotta remember you're the one forking out for it afterall - and its way better than have standard issue plates :wink:


As for the 808 vs Trophy decision, looks like the going price for the 808 is between 54k-55k driveaway. If it were anything to go by from the last "limited" edition (250 AGP) run renault oz had earlier in the year then the trophy will actually be more expensive then the 808s when they are released.


This time however and from my understanding pearl white and liquid yellow only come in the 808s. The 808s also have all options fitted (front sensors, recaros leather seats, RS Monitor, xenons, etc)


... lesson learnt? if you are second guessing whether you like the colours it comes in then visit your dealership quick smart coz the going price for the 808s are actually pretty good considering all the fitted options + uniqueness of the colours down the road... so to speak :wink:


Goodluck with the search/decision

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Unfortunately for all you other RS drivers out there, there is no factory badge that says RSCUP :lol:

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Hi & welcome.

For me it would be a no brainer, i'd definitely go for the 808, not only does it represent great value & has all the performance options but it comes exclusively in 2 great colour combos.

I think it comes down to what you intend for the car, if your performance minded & interested in track days etc go the 808, if your more inclined towards luxury & commuting go the Trophy.

Either way the 265 is fabulous.

If you do decide on the 808 hurry as they will no doubt all be gone very soon.

The 2012 Nationals sponsor Barry Bourke Renault had the RS808 plate available & a very nice LY 808 to go with it.

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Welcome mate!

I'd go for the 808 but then again I'd love any 265 or 250 :)


As for plates, whatever you like really.

I see a guy with a R35 GTR near my area with the plates "AMG-LOL"

I find it funny lol

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HI all,


Thanks for the welcome and the views. I should have explained, MOG44 is the rego on my other car and yes I know all about NSW's rip off. Boy do I know it only too well.


You see I had NSW rego MOG444 on hold whilst I was living overseas but by the time I returned to Australia the RTA said they had posted a letter to my then mailing address and because I didn't go in to renew the hold on the plate they had taken it back and I would have the privilege of having it again if I agreed to pay annual fee on the plate every year from then on even the plate had been on the car for nearly 30 years before that. The fact that that rego is widely known as the car it was on had a long racing history in NSW made no difference to the RTA.


I should also have explained that I actually hold VRS265 and the first time I saw the publicity shots of the car with VRE265 and VRN265 it made smile knowing I had taken VRS265 a long time ago before it became known that the RS265 would be coming to Australia. However, since then I made the decision to get another plate which I think is really unique - I ⤠DRWHO. Hence the slight dilemma.


As for which car, I've got the pricing of all 4 cars from Waverly Renault and I did notice that in the 250s the limited edition was extremely good value once all the options were costed and added to the Trophee price. Somehow it doesn't seem to be quite the same with the 265 with the Trophy's RRP at $47,140 and the 808 at $49,990.


Comparing the specs I seem to think that the only extras on the 808 are front sensors, leather seats (vs leather trimmed) and xenons. Both have the RS Monitor. Apart from different colours for the wheels and the cars I'm not totally sure that the $2,850 difference in price represents significant "savings".


Renault are to be congratulated for a masterly marketing campaign and for whipping up demand by releasing the 808 first. As my research indicates that about 700 250s were sold since launch that would mean sales of about 350 cars a year. With 50 runs of the 3 LEs that makes a 550/150 split between non LEs and LEs.


Renault are releasing 100 808s now and if the same volume of sales are achieved that would mean 250 Trophys, Trophy Plus and Cups vs 100 808s sold in the next 12 months. Then when you consider there will no doubt be another LE coming out once the 808s are all gone it makes me wonder whether the 808s will actually be that uncommon compared to the non LEs.


But as I said Renault are to be congratulated. They have capitalised on the usual initial rush very well. Time will tell if we will see more LY and PW 808s around than say Black Trophys.


The LYs 808s are probably outstanding except that I already have a bright Orange car in the garage!


Decision. Decisions. Delicious decisions. :)

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