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New Ph1 Cup Owner


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G'day Fellas,


Just purchased a blood orange Ph1 Cup and the grin hasn't left my face for the past 5 days.


Upgrading from a Pug 306 S16 (i think i like my French hot hatches?) - and i think the term 'upgrade' is a severe understatement in this case.


Plan is to at least get a Milltek or K-Tec catback on Hendricks (after Christina - a good looking red head with the fun bits up front and a big bum out back) in the near future as she sounds a little too subtle for the inner mongrel that lies within...and then possibly invest in an RSTuner down the track


For the moment i'll just sit back and wait for the turbo rush!



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Coming from another S16 and Ph1 Cup owner - welcome!

Where are u located?


I remember following an RSC once in my S16 , knew then I needed one , great decision

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Tubbs - haha i think you and Hendricks would get on just fine!


Nemz - that's the one


Dan - I'm in Western Sydney mate - i am pleasantly surprised at just how well the Cup handles the deplorable quality of the roads out here, definitely a pleasant surprise that one!

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Cheers Wolf


My old man just took her for his first spin - a bloke who's owned his fair share of cars in his time and currently drives a Prado Kakadu & HSV GTS Coupe - and he couldn't believe how good it is - he has it in his top 3 cars driven


Next up on the list to drive her is a family friend who loves Frenchies but has only driven Pugs for the last 20 odd years...his thoughts will be interesting

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