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Greetings from Slovenia


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Hi there. I'm 29 years old Renault Sport fan from Slovenia(EU). I'm driving clio renault sport 172, 2001, serial number 000071.

I saw through the Clio Sport Forum that in Australia are renault sport cars very popular. So I decide to share my car with you guys :D

and show you that in small country like Slovenia we got a lot renault sport cars.


this is my Clio RS 172 Monaco Blue. hope you like it guys.











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Long wanted to visit Slovenia - a friend of mine married a Slovenian girl.


Love the colour and wheel combination - nice and subtle.


Do you have access to many racetracks near where you live? And I'd love some tips on great driving roads you might know about!

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Tnx for nice welcoming :) I see that some of you know Slovenia. Nice. It's nice small country. I'm proud to live here.

I've got one track near me. Couple of km away. In Krško is kart racetrack call Raceland http://www.raceland.si/ Ain't much... but I love it. In Croatia(next to Slovenia) is racetrack call Grobnik http://www.grobnik.hr/ then we got Austria and Red bull ring. In Italy is Monza race track. We got couple of nice racetrack near us :)

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Welcome aboard... good to see such a fine example in other lands.

Rather envious of the fact that some great tracks are SOOO close to you.

Different countries, but you can drive there...i'd love to do that.

Anyways, keep enjoying, and feel free to shoot me an email if you ever need Genuine parts (if worthwhile to you).



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