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Hi all,


I'm also new to forums, I've a Black R26 3 door with a few upgrades and R26R plates.


I was recently honked on a Melbourne highway and asked if I was on the forum. I lied and said yes because I couldn't hear the conversation at Hwy speed in the rain with my window down, so here I am. I'm in the process of converting my R26 to an R26R spec and hope to be running a significantly competitive track day warrior soon.


I hope to get some pics up soon...

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Cool, welcome along, cant wait to see pictures.


I had a similar plan but realized the R26.R parts were too expensive, like crazy mad man expensive, the rear windows cost more than twice the cost of your average second hand Clio RS172.

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Awesome plan.


Pics and progress updates, please.


Thanks 8)

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big welcome - R26R spec sounds great and looking forward to the build

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Welcome aboard.

Would love to help you source any an all parts still required.

Have to warn you though, the Titanium exhaust is CHA-CHINNNNGGG!!!

But happy to do what i can.

Cheers, all the best, pics.


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