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G'day - 182 Cup owner checking in.


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G'day folks,


I'm very happy to say I'm now the proud owner of a 2005 Clio 182 Cup! Arctic Blue. Such a fantastic little car! Can't wipe the grin off my face while I'm driving it.


You may notice my sign up date was a while ago. I signed up while I was researching which car to buy, then I got a bit busy with work. Finally managed to get some time to go car hunting and found my new baby. Couldn't be happier! Thanks everyone for the wealth of info on this site which helped me make an informed purchase.


I'm 30 and live in Sydney's Inner West. This is my first RS. Pleasure to be here. One of my best mates has just bought a Megane RS250, he'll be signing up soon too.


P.S. Does anyone know how I can change my username? Back then I signed up as some random name and would like to change it to something a bit more relevant. Tried changing it in the user control panel but it wouldn't let me. Thanks!

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Welcome indeed. The Inner West is alive with RS - look forward to wave sometime :)


Had mine a year now, and it's still ridicuolously good fun!

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G'day rack boy, umm, you wouldn't happen to own Alex (Walkie86's) old 182 by any chance?

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Welcome rackboy! Great name, don't change it :wink:


Pics of the beast please. There're a fair few of us around the Inner West. Won't be long before you're spotted 8)


Look forward to seeing it at a meet soon :mrgreen:


Danny - not my old car. That's owned my my mate Ben (bend on here)

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Make your own welcome thread Stav!


Always jacking my swagger...


Howdy Rack and Stav,

Welcome aboatd and yeah, pics when you can.

Name's fine, but whatever you decide make it quick, as it's starting to stick. :wink:



ps: Assuming Stav has made his own thread by now :news:

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