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There is a certain aroma - 172 cup

The Jeffster

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When your caning a 172/182 and you can smell the oil, it's not an unpleasant aroma - more like the engine is working up a healthy sweat.


See the Clio wants to be caned, it wants to sit at 6.5K and scream at the neighbors "I'm a hooligan and I am going to tear this road to pieces" :twisted:


And there is a love affair between driver and car, my cable throttle is attached to my nerves and she knows my wants and desires - this is the way driver and car should be.


This is the object my affection :wink:



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best colour too jeffster - but you better get a room !


btw '' jefstr '' plates are available - i checked for you

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JEF.57R (cheaper plates)


Looking forward to helping you clean her up at the detailing day too!



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