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New Clio 200 AGP Edition owner, PERTH


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Hi all, I joined here awhile ago when contemplating a Clio 182 as my daily driver. Ended up staying with a Japanese car due to us already owning a Brit and an Italian car!


We just bought the ex press/demo AGP Edition Clio 200 from Melville Renault. Its the wifes daily but i'll be stealing it frequently given the chance. She had a Alfa Romeo 147 JTD but it was boring her so she wanted to get back into a sports car again (good girl).

Some pics below with our Lotus Elise. Father in law detailed both over xmas using Griots products from http://www.garagepro.com.au. (free plug for a mates business and fellow clio owner)


Clio is definetly the Lotus of hot hatches. A lot more playful and fun than the MkV Golf GTI I use to have. Only gripes I have with it are the slightly grabby brakes (but I am used to non servo brakes in the Lotus) and the throttle when taking off Is a little unresponsive (I hate drive by wire throttles).


Might see some Perth RS owners around the traps.











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Welcome to OzRS and RS Clio ownership.


There's clearly something about Lotus Elise & RS Clio/Megane ownership going by the number of enthusiasts who have this combo in the garage. Must make it difficult to decide which key to grab...


Love the photos, the front on view definitely makes the RS Clio look very tall.


So essentially this is number 31 of the AGP run. Don't forget to add it to the AGP Register in the Clio III section of the forum. (sorry - just saw that you've already visited there)


This might be of interest as it's probably your car featured - Vic rego YGE 775.

http://theage.drive.com.au/new-car-comp ... 1k0ub.html


Happy new year to all.

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Welcome, nice cars. The Lotus makes the Clio look hideous, like lining up a 18 year old model with your mother.


Never realized these (clio) cost so much RRP, very near the cost as a Megane RS250 Cup.

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Great family garage you have there. I agree with you on throttle thing - you'll get used to it after a while, but still, not ideal.



Never realized these (clio) cost so much RRP, very near the cost as a Megane RS250 Cup.


It's cause they're so damn good.

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Thanks for the welcome. The megane would have been nice but was too pricey for us. The dealer has 3 of them on the lot and it's still close to 10 grand more for one.


Interestingly Melville Renault now have another AGP edition Clio that's only just appeared last week (we got ours week before Xmas). This one must only have delivery kays on it as they're asking $44,990 drive away. Might check the build number when we ask about lack of build plaque on ours.

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Welcome! Great choice in machinery 8)


There's something about RS and Lotus that just work well together :mrgreen:

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