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  1. Pucker

    Newbie to OzRS

    Welcome. Good to see you could make it and unleashed some of the RS's abilities
  2. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21273&start=0
  3. Welcome. Love the Lotus/RS combo. The next Perth catchup shouldn't be too far away.
  4. Welcome Bucc, Just bought a 182 Cup myself recently. They are indeed a fine machine. Enjoy Mundaring Weir rd; I know I do
  5. I've posted a thread under social events for a Perth drive day. I'm off to the V8's on the Gold Coast the weekend after FCF so sometime in Nov sounds the plan.
  6. Welcome. You will love it, they are bloody awesome . A drive day is definitely on the cards once the weather sorts itself out!
  7. Pucker

    Perth newbie

    Welcome, Good to see another RS in the hills. Catch up soon, I'm always keen for a drive. Cheers, Hamish
  8. What about RS CC? This would follow on from the excellent plates Justin chose my his (now my) R26 (RS XXVI). Only those in the know would get it.
  9. Welcome Kop, You will enjoy RS ownership. I'm pretty wrapped after 3 months with an R26 A gathering should definately be on the cards shortly.
  10. G'day Simon, Good to see you found the forum. I will no doubt see you on the road between Kalamunda and Mundaring Cheers, Hamish
  11. Pucker

    Hello from WA

    Thanks guys. I will keep it stock for now but who knows what the future holds...
  12. Pucker

    Hello from WA

    G'day guys, I am now the proud owner of R26 #1454. Wow, I am completely blown away by the abilities of this car. It has looks, performance and the added bonus of accommodating the whole family. I am fortunate enough to live in the Perth hills so it has already had a couple of ‘spirited’ drives through the twisties, with only one occasion of a small voice from the backseat complaining of motion sickness! The only problem I can see is that my wife has taken a serious fancy to it meaning there will be a race to the driver’s seat every time! The forum looks great and I hope t
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