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In market for Clio 182


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Hi folks,


I've been lurking for a while, well a long while actually. Bought a base model Clio (2002 Privilege 1.6L) last year for commuting and have really liked it. Have given it plenty and it hasn't missed a beat (well, apart from one wheel bearing and an alternator). I've been really impressed with its handling - it's awesome for a little runabout. Have to say this forum has been great for a lot of info (like where to service, how to fix minor electrical & cosmetic niggles etc). So I must thank the regulars for that.


Having been a little impressed by Renault, I'm now looking to move up to a 182. Not really bothered if it's a Cup or not, do rather like the 'under the radar' look of titanium. I guess I'm really looking for a mint unit (as opposed to a bargain) that hasn't had the clacker tracked out of it. I'm in Sydney, north side.


I don't have much by way of a car history - had a 1980something Audi back when I first started driving in the 90's. Then more recently a 3 series BMW which was nice but a bit ho-hum. The first car I ever knew was a Renault 12 my parents owned (stationwagon in that brown). Then on the way home today I saw an old Renault 4 parked at the station, and I thought 'gee, it's high time I introduced myself on OzRenaultSport'.

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sheesh, if it took an old R4 to remind you of us old geezers here at OzRS... ah, what the hell, if it works we can't complain! :P


Welcome aboard and happy hunting :)

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I guess I'm really looking for a mint unit (as opposed to a bargain) that hasn't had the clacker tracked out of it...


Howdy and welcome aboard.

All the best with the hunt, but if you don't mind interstate then...



Quitely hoping you prefer Local area AND i get a sh*te load of cash soon - cause i'd go for it.

Anyways, keep us posted as to how you get on.



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Well I got one. Bought an arctic blue 182 Cup off an inactive member on here (Hussey). In good condition except for a little kerbing on the rims, minor headlight oxidation and the belts need to be done - but at least it was priced accordingly. Once the belts are done I think I'll do the Old Pac Hwy/Putty Road loop as a way of getting to know the car better.


It does have cool plates (CUP 182) but I am in two minds about keeping them. Kinda like anonymity in my plates.


Think I'll keep it stock, but will definitely be on the lookout for a spare tyre - can't get my head around this goop thing. Anyway, I'm just stoked that I've finally gotten my hands on one of these gems.

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Thanks smr248. Yeah, that's what my partner said about the plates too.


As for the other Clio, I'll be moving it along as soon as I've tidied it up a bit. It's in good condition, has 88,000km on it, new tyres and had rego renewed only 4 days ago, so it should sell if I'm realistic on price.

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