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Hi All.


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Howdy All,


Names Shant,


I own a hatchback of "Japanese origin" but looking at the Clio sport for a second car as my girlfriend doesnt like turbo cars.


Hopefully you still make me feel welcome LOL.


Would love to come out to a track day with you guys, from what I hear the lil clio is a little track weapon of mass destruction.



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Hi there champ,


Thansk for such a quick welcome, everyones busy at work.


How JDM we taking here?


I actually own a JDM car as in theres 95% of GTi's FWD, mines 4WD,


Yeah, I aspire to some european cars and the RSC is a nice bit of gear, buts whats with they tray under the seat?

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Welcome aboard Ringers.


Best of luck with your hunt, by a "Hatchback of Japanese origin", 4wd and Turbo, what exactly are you eluding to? A turbodiesel Suzuki Jimny? :clown:


If you're even considering an RS, you're more than welcome here :D

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Welcome Ringers. Good luck in the hunt for a RSC for the missus! Bet you love it so much you end up using it as your car :wink:

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my guess is a GTir pulsar or Mazda Familia GTR...?

Mitsu Evo something less than (or equal to) 8?


Come along to Northshore Renault this Sunday morning and you'll see just about every RS permutation and combination there is!

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Sorry missed out on the Sunday - I was there twice on Saturday hoping to get a look at the yellow thing in the showroom LOL


Oh and the first person to guess what I drive gets a woohoo from me.


Lets play it like hang man Suzuki C_ _t_s - extra woohoo if you pots a pic

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No Thats the old ITSMAD buily by Jamie Bezzina and destroyed and rebuilt by 2 others in QLD.

Jamie is a nice guy these other 2 I dont know well, one is Nick, the other Todd, ones quite nice and the other thinks I am trying to steal his glory LOL, last time I checked my Swift was white and anyone who nows me nows thats not the old ITSMAD.


No mine is an actual Cultus not a "chop job or rebirth" and has been built extremely well, interior exterior engine everything is schmick, and having covered 450 k's last weekend I am even more keen to keep it and get the Motec I have been after so I can wind up the boost and go for the high 200 low 300 HP mark,


If you want to see more of the car - www.suzitech.com


OH and Woohoo! from me - you got it right.


And BTW guys, my preliminary research shows you guys pay through the nose in parts and service.


How do you all feel/ think when you pay so much?

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So is yours a Swift GTi? What year is it?




You have a Swift with 300 BHP?




wasnt the ITSMAD one in Zoom magazine and built by the boys at Sub Zero performance?

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