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Greetings from newbie to OZRS and Phase Two 172.


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Hey fellow RS members!


Just bought a black phase two sport a couple weeks ago and loving it. It's an 03 model with 50K on the clock and it ain't too bad. I needed a car after riding around on a mint 748 Ducati for the last five years and although I would have loved to be able to keep both I reckon the Clio fits my needs perfectly.


Been into hot hatches for a number of years... AE 86 Twin cam Corolla, Turbo 323, Swift Gti, etc... But the Clio is by far the best. Had the before mentioned cars during my late teens and early 20's but always wanted a Pug 205 Gti. Now being 33 and also not having owned a car almost six years I wanted something a little more modern. The Clio to me is the modern day version of the great 205... I can't seem to grow out of the hot hatch bug!


Before I sign off though I have been experiencing a few issues and any advice would be greatly appreciated. The car has a slight shudder/vibration under accelleration in all gears! Could this be engine mounts or something more driveline related. I'm getting it checked out cos it's still under the Statutory warranty but don't want the dealers to come back and say that it's normal!


Will be looking forward to meeting like-minded Renaultistas in the future.


Cheers and safe apex hunting


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Welcome Steve ... the Clio is a great weapon and i am you will enjoy your return to four wheels.


I havent had a Clio for a few years now, but it sounds like engine mounts.


I am sure the boys who better know the Clio will be able to answer your questions.


Enjoy mate...and welcome again. What state are you in.... an post some pics of your ride.

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Welcome! Sounds like engine mounts to me but run a quick search in the technical section. Where are you located Steve?




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Welcome to the community.


As echoed above, the engine/gearbox mounts are a known weakness. From stone cold these cars do appear to misbehave, but it's a protective measure for the first couple of minutes

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Thanks for all the hellos!

I'm based in the "Shire" about 30mins south of Sydney CBD.

Pics will soon appear! Gotta get her running right and I'm sure I will be tagging along to any socials that may arise.

Thanks for the opinions with the engine mounts too. May be importing some stuff from K-tec. Let you all know how it goes.


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