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  1. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    It is possible for tyres to have the belts de-laminate. This is especially common in very hot climates and if travelling at high speeds. I had this issue once before in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on its original OEM Khumo tyres that had about 15000kms on them. They were three years old at the time, so similar timeframes to your vehicle it seems. One went out of round and over the course of a day while travelling up the Stuart Highway (were perfect order before I started the trip - even had them checked before departing on the 3500km jaunt), and degenerated from a slight wobble at slow speeds at the rear (just as you describe), to a full on vibration through the cabin. I changed the wheel to the silly space saver spare and continued to Darwin (at snail pace relatively speaking) where I had to replace all four tyres as the other three had started to delaminate as well by then. It was summer and the ambient temps were in the order of 40 degrees C, and obviously the extended travelling up the Stuart Highway at ... erm... 130km/hr... generated sufficient heat in the tyres to deliminate the belts. Have the tyres checked is my suggestion, as you may have a belt delamination failure in its early stages. If one has gone, the others may be not far away from being the same.
  2. This forum is without equal! Lots of folks with great knowledge and experience happy to share. The level of interest and responsiveness of members is truly amazing. And really good people to boot!!
  3. Sad but true here. There must to be a very good reason why Golfs are available in 17 shades of grey/black/white plus blue... And are the top selling hot hatch. Even the new Focus RS is available in colours of boring/boring/boring and blue... What happened to Tangerine Scream, Ford!!! Best colour ever applied to a Ford IMO. It appears that while many appreciate the "hero" colours that the hot hatch manufacturers set up on some new models, when push comes to shove, more buyers tend for the less-daring colours. Speedfiend's (and others') selling experiences tends to support this. When I bought my Trophy R, I went for the white (black roof) but it had enough "look at me, look at me!!" with the red highlights, stripes and red wheels. SWMBO loves her LY Clio, and wouldn't have any other colour for it. The new model Golf R has a variant of LY as the "hero" colour in the Euro advertising for it. It will be interesting to see if VW Australia brings that colour in, and if they do, how well it sells compares to all the other shades of boring. To the OP, welcome to the forum, enjoy your new Meg. get the one with the longer warranty - not because you'll need it, but because you'll have it.
  4. Rs 265...& Loving It

    Nope is in Sydney
  5. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Congrats!! Can't wait to see it ????????
  6. It's In The Genes

    And Bolwell pics please. Which one? Nagari? Congrats on the purchase and enjoy your new Meg!
  7. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    I have a heap of Dr Beasley products from my A&D adventure if you want them
  8. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Hahaha autocorrected and missed that. Twice.... even put the capital at the front... doh.... Sorry Matt
  9. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Dr Beasleys Matt paint care products are awesome on Matt finished cars.
  10. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    I reckon your quest turned out ok Tim.... ???? To the OP, well done. Good thing the 220...
  11. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Or a LOT more, as the case may be. If you tune up a manual, be sure to factor in a heavy duty clutch replacement in the near term, as this is the weak point in them. Engines are virtually indestructible at some insane power levels.
  12. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Performance packs no longer available on the new Golfs I'm pretty sure so you need be be looking at used. Good cars as they have the mechanical lsd in them same as put into the 40th anniversary model which is the pick of the GTIs
  13. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    $35k would buy you a very nice Panigale. Has rear seat (for one) and only has one driven wheel (at the rear) but only needs the one. Solves Matt's issue of fwd v rwd v awd... comes in a range of colours, but best explored in the red. Fast and sounds amazing. Sounds almost as good as it looks.... ????
  14. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Boxster equivalent of "are the belts done..?" ???? Worthy question to ask before buying a Boxster of that vintage...
  15. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Like this maybe...