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  1. Anyone had a similar issue where the rear wiper decides to wipe intermittently all the time after you've just manually selected it with the notch on the stalk? And I don't mean selecting it to wipe at the different manual settings, just the paddle you push forward for a single wipe? I'm also noticing my stereo seems to want to do some weird search when first switching on, with the RS monitor saying PROGRAM. Originally I stored a radio channel using the stalk and attempted to store it on the number 1 button as per manual. This is fine when I first turn the car on, however should I click on t
  2. Cool pics, recall seeing this one on marketplace, hope it's a good un.
  3. Funny enough I was trying something with low light but didn't quite work out with the camera. The phone on the other hand... https://www.mediafire.com/view/u4k499miibal3yw/Ms_Megan.jpg/file And thanks, Gaza, I'll take a look, though with the '+' do you mean hitting the + button on the media stalk or is there a + in the UI on the RS Monitor?
  4. Thanks, still getting used to everything at the moment, I can see why a few criticized some of the accessory controls and button layouts, but I am also way behind on some of the tech of most modern cars these days. One thing that's thrown me, am I right thinking there's no remote fuel door release handle anywhere? You just pluck it open with your finger and no cap on the inside? Also the previous owner has left his and other mobile phones paired to the bluetooth system which I now want to remove. Trouble is when I choose his phone like it says in the manual it says it can't find it,
  5. Okay, I'm in! After my old Ford showing signs of not liking being driven every day or just showing it's age in general I couldn't wait any longer getting a daily. It's probably the worst time to buy with Covid prices still strong, but at least I got the car and spec I wanted. 265 Trophy, Tibors, Leather speedsters and a few extras, all wrapped up in an Oyster Grey shell. Which still gets me thinking is Oyster Grey any different from Lunar Grey apart from the name? Reading on the net it appears they have different paint codes, but I'll have to investigate further. It turns out I'd
  6. Send the grey ones my way! I'm still winding myself up that cars were 4-5 grand cheaper when I was first looking. Still yet to find the right car for me though.
  7. I think he sold it now, but the ad's still referenced here; https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/renault-megane-2013/sse-ad-6848860/
  8. I did also find this site that covers most of the 250/265 range, even if it's fairly light on details. http://australiancar.reviews/reviews.php#!content=review&make=Renault&model=Megane RS&gen=798
  9. Thanks, I have a feeling it was a Cup or at least a Cup+ as it had Sat Nav. Though I was too engrossed in the drive to see if the seats were electric or 'charcoal' coloured, are the charcoals of a particular style? It was a one owner car, so I'm a little surprised they weren't 100% sure what model it was either. Perhaps he deleted some of the standard options, if that's even a thing these days. I thought the difference between Sport mode and not was like night and day, but maybe I didn't push it enough when Sport was turned off. Does this mean I'll feel somewhat shortchanged if I get a 25
  10. The plot thickens. Had my first test drive today of a good nick, lowish kays 265. Supposedly a 2013 Trophy, but didn't have Recaros, didn't have glass roof and didn't have Xenons. Does that sound right, or did the options thin by that time? Was running on Tibors, and I was pleasantly reassured with the ride. Nice and comfortable and the clutch travel/biting point that's sometimes brought up didn't seem that weird. Be interesting to feel how different it rides on 19's for a daily. Stereo wasn't as crap as some make out either, but yes, could always be improved. Driving was great,
  11. Is there any issue with sending a message to a fellow member? Currently able to type one up (which thankfully the forum saved) but I get this error each time; Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  12. Is there any issue with sending a message to a fellow member? Currently able to type one up (which thankfully the forum saved) but I get this error each time; Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  13. How did you rate the BM? I like the 125i but there's stuff all manuals around down this neck of the woods it seems.
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