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  1. Nice! Rims look schmick painted against that amazing colour. Enjoy it, mate
  2. BFBGT

    Noisy EDC

    Thanks Aussie_Pilot. I bought the car from the Ossie Park crew and have it serviced there. Pretty sure it was the foreman (recommended by Carl) that drove with me to listen and then acknowledge that there was an abnormal noise. The car still had forward and reverse motion and the transmission wasn't on fire, so he didn't really see things as urgent. I will persist! And James - thanks for the tip about the ELM327 dongle and DDT4ALL software hack. I had to google it to get the gist so will look more closely at it and see if it is something I could manage without disabling the car.
  3. BFBGT

    Noisy EDC

    That's my thinking - that it's a clutch or the gear set on that plane. There are two Renault dealers in Perth....neither seem particularly customer-centric. I'm documenting everything and will make a few audio recordings. Thanks everyone - appreciate the input.
  4. BFBGT

    Noisy EDC

    Thanks everyone - all good suggestions, especially the audio recording. I've had the post-service dealer survey where I detailed the issue in free text fields. I was also sent a survey from Renault Australia where I also detailed the issue (and the dealer's poor responses) and ticked the box for them to make contact. *Tumbleweeds* *Glacier rolls by* Still waiting on the contact from Renault......... Apart from this (oh, and a niggle with the audio-pod controls) I absolutely love the car's performance, steering, ride, handling and economy. There should be more of them on the road!!!
  5. BFBGT

    Noisy EDC

    Hi all New to the forum but have had a look around a few times. I have a 2016 BFB Megane GT with the 7 speed EDC. It's a bit clunky, but my main concern is a "chirping" sound on upshifts. It is constant on the 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 shifts and I've noticed it happens now on downshifts. It can sometimes be accompanied by a light shudder or vibration. The dealer finally looked into it in October last year (after a couple of reminders) and after a drive, the foreman agreed there was an unusual sound. They plugged the car into a diagnostic machine and no faults were detected. The noise is getting more obvious with time and it is a worry. Any suggestions? Thanks
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