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  1. From my experience most dealers are clueless about this car. Tell them aout 4ws and alignment complexities for eg and you get blank looks lol.
  2. I know run in is debatable, but the manual recommends not to exceed 3500 rpm for the first 1000km and then it says peak performance will be reached around 3000km.
  3. MY21 Doesnt have rear cross traffic alert. I have the my21manual and its got lane departure warning only where the steering vibrates if you are wandering across lanes, emergency brake, adaptive cruise control, front distance warning and speed limiter. Cruise control and speed limiter cannot be activated in Race mode which is the only mode where you get full control over the throttle map and the engine is in race mode also. I terms of customisation of drive modes throttle maps cruise control and telemetry data.. cannot go past the MK3 trophys.
  4. Hi they are very comfy and build quality seems good. I havent been on a long drive due to the lock down however I believe these are the same seats as in the 275 trophy which I owned for 2 years and they were awesome for the hills. Also should add, the seats can go really low also. 20mm lower than the standard seats I believe.
  5. Sorry about your mishap.. but glad you live to drive another day! Never been to lakeside but that looks like a fast kink and the type of corner where the suspension and tyres/ tyre temps should be well sorted to minimize rear end issues. All the best!
  6. It has got the full tablet screen however the perso mode is gone and is now called 'My sense'. That does not seem to offer the customisable control over all the parameters, so while I can turn the sound off I cant have the engine, exhaust and throttle like I want. Not a big deal but I'll ask the service guys at the first service, maybe they can disable it via CLIP or something similar.
  7. Hi, I just got my Trophy last week and there is a physical button on the dash, can be seen in the photo, to disable stop start. It is also disabled automatically in one of the modes as mentioned above. As a gripe I cant figure out (and it may not be possible) how to disable the engine noise coming through the speakers while having the powertrain, throttle and exhaust in race mode. Some photos to help you make up your mind if you havent already.
  8. It has a pick up option , do you know Where the pick up is from ? Thanks
  9. Yea i did notice the pops and bangs had reduced in comparison to last year but they seem to be coming back as weird as it sounds. Not sure if fuel quality/brands make a difference. Dealer service peole told me that the ecu learns your driving style and changes but not sure how true that is.
  10. Bikecrazy

    Rs265 Newbie.

    Looks awesome.. never seen a silver rs megane
  11. Hey nice color .. welcome to the forum
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