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  1. For those interested: - Broadyexpress isnt accepting any more work as a new baby is on the way (congrats to him!) - Prixcar have come in at $660 door to door - Canberra Carways are nearly $900 door to door - Ceva is $980 door to door (without 10% off) - Car transport Express is $640 depot to depot ($110 extra to have it depot to my address) - Get My Ride is $1000 door to door Essentially, its $800 to 1K excluding Prixcar slashing the competition...
  2. Yep everyone says he's the man for the job! I've been hanging out to get a quote from him
  3. Yep, also waiting on a quote from him!
  4. Canberra to Adelaide. Prix seemed quite reasonably priced but the reviews make me unsure haha
  5. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a interstate car transport company? I've got quote from Prix but their reviews are very mixed... Cheers!
  6. Hi mate, good colour choice! same as my first clio. When i bought my 182 cup (127,000) i had a few noises from the rear. The rattles being the rear exhaust mounts (well overdue - i got pair of powerflex mounts from ktec racing online) and a clunking was my rear shock had seen better days. As for my old 2002 172 (i purchased at 175,000ish) the rear wheel bearing was in need of replacement, i got a pair of second hand rotors (unfortunately the bearing is pressed into them). It might be just one of those mileage things? My timing belt, aux belt etc was due on around 190,000 i believe b
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