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  1. Got the lift back... Don't like wagons, and the boot space is still ample with good access. Options in the luxury pack are mainly electrical - leather, electric seats with heating front and rear, lane-keep assistance, blind-spot monitor. Yes DSG. 7 speed wet clutch type from the Golf.
  2. So I decided on a 2020 Skoda Octavia RS 245 for a few reasons 1. A dealer network that will continue on in Oz 2. The practicality of the size etc with a family 3. The availability of a demo on the market and the willingness of dealer's to to a deal. I got a demo with 485km on the clock, fully optioned (sunroof and luxury pack) at price reduction >$11k of RRP delivered to my door. It will do most of what I need it for, just with a little less excitement on the drive.
  3. The Meg 4 boot is larger than most of its competitors, yet it's only achieved that by compromising on rear leg room. It's possibly to have car seats and kids on there, it's just no roomy
  4. Those, and just about all ALfa rims, plus the Octavia rims..... they all look like flowers to me
  5. Can anyone shed any light on this vehicle???? pm me if you can please. 2018 Renault Megane R.S. 280 Auto-OAG-AD-19575671 - carsales.com.au I live in Adelaide so going to see it is difficult... stupid COVID.....
  6. I'm with you, and data shows that's not the case either... 70-75% sounds much more reasonable. People can argue that the RS is special, but the same can be argued that it's no longer supported here in Aus... and reality is the market it's in is flooded with other makes/models they have to compete with https://datiuminsights.com.au/weekly-market-update-3rd-may-2021/
  7. Thank you. This is the kind of info I'm after... I'll stick to my heart, and yes the Megane IS one of the best looking cars of recent times! I'll just chop the kids legs if needed...
  8. I know. Been watching the RS280 market for 6 months... Listed prices aren't always the sale price though. And most that don't drop under $40k aren't selling
  9. Yes. My wife can't drive a manual, and even though she wouldn't drive it often, sometimes it's just necessary for her to do so
  10. I actually don't mind these... Will read some reviews
  11. Don't love the style, and prices will be interesting. UK price only few thousand less than the new Meg Trophy
  12. Used... Might stretch budget to ex demo...
  13. Ok so a little bit of background info... 8 years ago I sold me beloved 1988 AW11 S/C MR2, which was my weekend toy. I haven't had a respectable sports car since. Fast forward and I'm now beginning to look for something that will be my daily drive, as well as some weekend fun. Priority for me was - needs 4 doors and rear seats due to kids, and mid-size so no Clio, auto as wife can't drive a manual, quick enough to be fun, and have looks that I like. Coming from the MR2, handling is obviously more important than a drag race. Hence, my heart was taken when the Meg IV came o
  14. Thanks. Your car looks amazing, however I'll be looking for an EDC version. Most likely sport, but may consider a cup. Still sorting a few things on a new business, so plans delayed a little.
  15. Thank you. I'll give SA reg a call and go from there. I've been watching advertisements for a few months and nothing except a yellow demo had been for sale in SA, so I'm resigned to the fact it's most likely I'll be looking interstate. The registration needs to be changed to SA, although a lot of people don't do it. I won't be taking that risk.
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