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  1. Thanks. Your car looks amazing, however I'll be looking for an EDC version. Most likely sport, but may consider a cup. Still sorting a few things on a new business, so plans delayed a little.
  2. Thank you. I'll give SA reg a call and go from there. I've been watching advertisements for a few months and nothing except a yellow demo had been for sale in SA, so I'm resigned to the fact it's most likely I'll be looking interstate. The registration needs to be changed to SA, although a lot of people don't do it. I won't be taking that risk.
  3. Thanks. I'll be after a stock car that is only 2-3 years old so there shouldn't be any surprises as far as RWC goes. It's mainly the stamp duty etc I'm confused about...
  4. I'm considering finding a Meg 4 R.S. in the next few months. I live in SA, and therefore majority of vehicles for sale are interstate. So realistically, what's the costs? Let's use a specific example... Buying a registered car from VIC... 1. What are the costs involved when it comes to govt taxes on the purchase? Do I have to pay stamp duty etc. on the purchase in VIC, and again when I transferred to SA registration? 2. Will it need compliance check and associated costs in SA? Roughly on a $45k car what's this all likely to total?? Is it going to be worth it o
  5. The Renault Oz site hasn't updated to 2021 models. It currently lists sport and cup, as that's all they have to offer until 2021 models start arriving. Trophy not listed - I thought they came in limited numbers and were all sold
  6. UK Renault has the 2021 RS sport listed at £33k, which is about £5k dearer than previous models. The Trophy is £37k. I'd expect new prices here to be reflective of this also.
  7. I agree exactly with this. take 10k off the price and I'll probably settle for a 2020 model. I'm watching prices and they are dropping in the past few weeks. Now listed as low as $49,800 drive away price should mean you could squeeze them down a bit more. Every other manufacturer has increased prices on the new models, so I'd expect the same when the 2021 RS lands here, which would see them above 55k drive away for the first 6 months at least.
  8. These things will appeal to some, but for me it's the mechanical package that is going to decide my choice of car.
  9. https://www.caradvice.com.au/869468/2021-renault-megane-rs-facelift-due-in-the-first-half-of-next-year/ this was the early reports, but what gets shipped here will be interesting. I'm tracking down info from my local dealers too
  10. The simplification is that there will be NO Cup version RS Sport gets the current Trophy engine (which from what I understand is a different turbo), but stock (current) suspension RS Trophy is what it is now mechanically I'm glad you told me May - I'm still deciding if I want to try to get a clearance 2020, or wait for the new model and was wondering how long that would be
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