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  1. Announcement: Forum Upgrade 4/7/17

    I found by accident that if you select 'quote' bottom right you can edit yours as well as doing this to reply to other posts. The edit function does not last long after your original post.
  2. Yep.....maybe Aministrators could change the title to Clio IV warranty issues or something similar.
  3. Maybe it should be split but the thread is all about missing items from newer RS Clios including, Jacks, tool kits, wiper bolt covers etc. and also rubber door seals. They are all related to the same newer Clios and are possibly warranty claims and affected owners are now challenging dealers and Renault Australia re all these items. Just my view.
  4. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    Apparently some forum members here who only had a 3 year warranty for their early 2014 Clios complained to their Renault dealer and it was extended to 5 years like the warranties after June, 2014. Might be worth a try before you go any further.
  5. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    Haven't heard of anyone increasing tyre pressure to that extent to preserve rims. Obviously tyre pressure is often increased for track work. If it turns out to be rim problems it should be rectified under warranty. Tyres of course are a different story....hope you get it sorted.
  6. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    The details on the drivers door says 34 psi front and 30 psi back but I always add about 2 or 3 psi to allow for tyre heat by the time I get to the servo
  7. Rim Quality Or Tyres Clio Rs 2014

    How are you actually detecting the wobble? Are you lining the wood up with the tyre or rim while spinning the wheels? I am assuming it's the rim as no tyre is going to measure exactly the same all the way around.when being spun. I doubt that all of them would be buckled in some way especially if you bought the car new. In any case you need to get another tyre or wheel specialist to check it out in my view. I doubt that a lump in a rear tyre would make the wheel out of balance to the extent that it would 'waddle'. Do you put around 30 to 32 psi in the rear tyres?
  8. Did A Thing Bought Something French

    Pretty sure that's new car smell and probably comes from the new manifold/exhaust/muffler...take your pick..
  9. Renault Noob Looking To Dip Toe In The Water

    Also the Sport model has MediaNav which is radio, music, GPS, phone bluetooth, whereas the Cup has all this plus real time performance calculations and information etc. A good Sport with low kilometres would cost $19,000 to $22,000 (2013 to2015) and are good value in my view especially the ones sold after June, 2014 which have the 5 year warranty.
  10. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Yep...looks the goods and is certainly cheap but the main problem with these is that there was a major problem with the IMS bearing in earlier models (2000 to 2005) that was not eradicated til 2006 and it could cost a small fortune ($15,000 to $20,000) to fix due to engine damage it caused when it failed. However in saying that this one may have had the modification needed to fix the problem.
  11. First World Problems ... What To Do With $35K?!

    Apparently the Clio RS220 is a big improvement over the RS200 model especially with the gearbox response and torque etc. and is still ok for a daily driver and you could probably get a new one with that amount of cash.
  12. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    If the noise disappears when the clutch pedal is pressed in then it is due to worn or faulty clutch bearings.
  13. Renault Clio Sport 200 Trophee

    Sound like a clutch thrust bearing which is nothing to do with the gearbox but of course there is some labour involved in accessing and replacing it. Try depressing the clutch pedal with the motor running when in neutral and letting it out very slowly and see if the noise is still there when the pedal is fully out. If this stops the whine the problem is the thrust bearing as mentioned. Is this the noise (or similar)? Also google 'clutch thrust or release bearing problems'
  14. New Rs220 Trophy Owner

    I installed a dashcam under the rear view mirror and just pushed the wire into the mirror headlining above and across the top of the passengers windscreen head lining and down the door pillar to the join and then across the outside of the door pillar and down the door frame rubber to the bottom of the glove box and then down to the foot well and across and back up the centre console to the cigarette lighter socket if that all makes sense. I used cable supports at the foot well and one at the side of the console near the cigarette lighter socket to support it. The only place you can see the wire is where it crosses on the outside of the door pillar near the join coz I did not want to try and push it behind the join in case I set the airbag off. If you want more info or photos please let me know.